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1x1 – Episode #1.1

This episode introduces the Goddard family - Douglas as the father, a politician in the Aussie government, Evelyn and their children Phil who gets drafted into the army and Megan the teenage rebel.

1x2 – Episode #1.2

The announcement of Australia joining the war in Vietnam rocks the family as Phil is enlisted and leaves to fight for his country. His family say an emotional farewell to him.

1x3 – Episode #1.3

Once in Vietnam, the soldiers are pushed to their limits and beyond, dealing with landmines, civilian casualties, capture and the other horrors of war.

1x4 – Episode #1.4

As Megan grows up and gets closer to Serge, she begins to feel frustrated at not being allowed her independence at home, so runs away to Sydney where Serge is at Uni.

1x5 – Episode #1.5

Much to the embarrassment of her father, Megan and her friends become publicly involved with anti-war demonstrations, and Megan begins to challenge her father on his war policies.

1x6 – Episode #1.6

Megan becomes increasingly frustrated with her father up to the point where she moves out and goes to live with Serge. Serge and Megan are key figures in anti-war and draft resistance protests.

1x7 – Episode #1.7

Her parents separate, and Megan introduces her mother to her new friends involved in anti-war protests, allowing the two to relate to each other in a new way and develop a real bond.

1x8 – Episode #1.8

On the frontline in Vietnam Phil is continuing to deal with endless horrors, and is seeing more of his friends die or become injured.

1x9 – Episode #1.9

Now an important part of the Vietnam anti-war protests, Megan is asked to take part in a radio interview about her groups efforts.

1x10 – Episode #1.10

Megan struggles to retain her composure, and tries to defend her protests when her brother questions her support of the troops.

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