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1wz5wynoou5wgs2pgagrkvq0izk 1x1 – Der Alte vom Berg

Paulsen and Beissl move out to a case where a witness claims that someone pushed an elderly man over a slope. The man survives, but who wants to hurt him?

Tlp8vg8zpibedhyf1lakjshcuzh 1x2 – Almsünde

Paulsen and Beissl investigate the sudden death of a young female hairdresser. The clues lead them to both a violent ex-boyfriend and an escort service.

A7mf6nnyedmseafxh90fmrdh1cy 1x3 – Der Tote von der Bobbahn

Beissl faces an internal conflict when his old childhood friend is suddenly suspected of having killed the team doctor of a a bobsled-team.

Qtbu0lywiixbqxr02ydg6tcfgsi 1x4 – Kalkül oder Liebe

Beissl and Paulsen find several suspects when a local politician is found killed shortly before a crucial election.

1x5 – Fluch am Eckstein

Beissl and Paulsen have to solve a case about a mountain lift operator who has been stabbed to death. Who is behind the crime?

Jx925lv3yzlwg6lq438k4c5cffm 1x6 – Inkognito

Beissl and Paulsen investigate a hotel owner's sudden death, and it quickly turns out that several may have had motives.

Gxza7xld8nanguydrkoditleedz 1x7 – Familienbande

There are more than one suspect, when Beissl and Paulsen investigate the death of a young man. Do the clues have to do with the man's own family history?

1x8 – Der Fischer vom Königssee

Beissl and Paulsen are called out to a lake where the body of a fisherman, Michael Kroh, has been found. Beissl knows the tragic fate of the family, but who is the real sinner?

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