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1x1 – Ab in die Berge

Flight attendant Sophie loves change: Now she's after fresh country air and a fresh start in the countryside. When the woman from Munich buys a remote farm on her own, her husband Philippe takes to his heels - no less spontaneously.

1x2 – Tierisch gute Ferien

To avert the impending bankruptcy of her pension, Sophie wants to invest in a cultivation with pool. The bank gives its commitment. Less enthusiastic is a guest with a lifelong right of residence in the pension.

1x3 – Berge versetzen

In addition to the Fuchsbichlerhof a large modern campsite is to be built. That would be the end of tourism in harmony with nature. Sophie and Barthl conclude a purpose alliance.

1x4 – Feuer unterm Dach

Sophie is courting a lucrative wedding: Veronika and her fiancé Steffen want to celebrate with more than a hundred guests at the Fuchsbichlerhof. For the highly indebted mountain pension, the job promises a real rain of money.

1x5 – Die Waschbären sind los

Pension landlady Sophie and Barthl, her unloved stable dweller for life, get unusual holiday guests in the house. Janine Brieschke from Berlin is traveling with her three children from three fathers and her current life companion 'Zecke'.

1x6 – Schwiegermutter im Anflug

Pension landlady Sophie had a different picture of her job as mayor: only a few months in office, the garbage collection doesn't even work anymore. To defuse the scandal, she temporarily stores all of the municipal waste on her own yard.

1x7 – Schwein gehabt

In Wiesenried, not only do the clocks tick more slowly, the post office can also take a little longer. However, when Barthl flutters a card into the stable that is eleven months late, there is no reason for a cheerful shrug.

1x8 – Über alle Berge

On the country road, the breakneck moped driver is in a race with an unsuspecting rider. When his horse shies away, the man loses consciousness in the violent fall. As soon as Sophie picks up the casualty, her instinct to help awakens.

1x9 – So ein Zirkus

When the tent of a small family circus burns down, the circus people have to be housed until the question of guilt is determined. When Sophie realizes that Leonie is flirting with an artist, she comes into conflict with her daughter.

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