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Gdbgmlvkv8c4uyko06qr8ybikjl 1x1 – Pilot

An FBI agent, capable of detecting liars through training and family history, juggles a new boyfriend and her estranged family, while working to determine if a man murdered his wife.

1x2 – Eyes for Windows

Angela searches for her brother and tries to attend a friend's wedding in the midst of trying to protect a news anchor who's been receiving death threats.

1x3 – In God's Eyes

The investigation of a wealthy socialite is stonewalled when the socialite takes refuge in a church; Angela's brother facilitates a meeting between Angela and he dying mother.

1x4 – Eyes of the Father

Angela and the team investigate a case that has disturbing parallels to her own life.

1x5 – Undercover Eyes

Angela and Leo go undercover at a high school to catch a drug dealer, but things may not be what they seem.

1x6 – Political Eyes

Doing her best to avoid any celebration of her birthday, Angela immerses herself in the disappearance of an opera singer.

1x7 – Open Your Eyes

A stolen virus threatens the lives of the city, and Angela is forced to confront some truths about her parents.

1x8 – Blue-Eyed Blues

When a kidnapped girl is rescued, Leo and Angela have to press her to help find the man who took her; Dylan and Angela's romance deepens, sort of, and cryptic messages continue to come from her family.

1x9 – Lyin' Eyes

Angela is shot, causing everyone to remember how they first started working together and a secret is revealed.

1x10 – Eyes Wide Shut

When an undercover police officer, who is a friend of Leo's, is murdered, suspicion focuses on the people he was embedded with. Angela starts searching for Dylan.

1x11 – In Your Eyes

Dozer, who hates to fly, is caught up in a hijacking, but that still may not cure his dread of his father's birthday party.

1x12 – The Camera's Eye

When an artist is murdered shortly after one of his paintings is stolen, Angela and the team suspect it's over his controversial art, but another game is in play.

1x13 – Eyes on the Prize

Work and personal lives collide when murder involves missing papers stolen from Angela's apartment.

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