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6nwrmhe6eanqbmrc8wokaf0mfrl 1x1 – Die Krabbe mit den goldenen Scheren (1)

Tintin finds himself in the middle of a mystery involving a drowned man, a tin of crab meat, and a piece of paper with the name Karaboudjan on it. He follows the clues to a ship by the same name and finds its crew is using the crab tins to smuggle opiates out of the country, and all under the nose of the ship's drunken captain Haddock.

A9vbqhi0opxqwdqxhx6nsqjyqrv 1x2 – Die Krabbe mit den goldenen Scheren (2)

After Tintin & Haddock successfully escape from the Karaboudjan, they now find themselves lost in a desert. After passing out from the long walk through the vast hot sand they were rescued by an army that is stationed at a fort. After receiving water and camels for transportation, Tintin and Haddock head towards the nearest town. While they're there, Haddock discovers that the Karaboudjan is there only under a different name while Tintin discovers that Alan the Skipper who is leader of the crew's drug business is present in town. The only way to stop the mutiny crew ...

Omkzqarlhuqjchrbo6fxjgb26fx 1x3 – Das Geheimnis der 'Einhorn' (1)

Tintin gets more than he bargained for when he buys a model of a sailing ship for Capt. Haddock that the seaman finds is unexpectedly familiar.

Jzvhclzuots1se0s9k7ctkzig9d 1x4 – Das Geheimnis der 'Einhorn' (2)

Tintin and Captain Haddock learn there are violent rivals who are after the treasure of the Unicorn themselves.

Ohkpbleviz0jcs8iph465juieun 1x5 – Der Schatz 'Rackhams' des Roten

Tintin and the Captain search for the pirate's treasure they learned about the last story ("The Secret of the Unicorn"), with the help of their eccentric, but lovable new friend, Professor Calculus

Iqov13i9hqna59wmbuo6lcj63ay 1x6 – Die Zigarren des Pharaos (1)

While on vacation in Egypt, Tintin is accused of drug smuggling and later becomes the target of a secret society.

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6upoj3fockpbvenq9mxazngh5wi 1x7 – Die Zigarren des Pharaos (2)

After learning about the opium being smuggled from India, Tintin heads over there in a plane he stole from an Arabic army that was in cahoots with the syndicate. Once he arrives there, he encounters Dr. Sarcophagus and asked him what has happened to him. Unfortunately the doctor isn't himself and is suffering from a poison that causes a him to go mad and not be able to think straight. Tintin had no choice but to seek medical help for the doctor, only to discover that there are syndicate members out to get rid of him.

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Oes7qmu60fo4urnw8h9ctwlxae3 1x8 – Der blaue Lotus (1)

After the arrest of most of the members of the drug syndicate, the leader behind the organization was never found and is still at large. Tintin, who is enjoying his stay at the palace of the Maharaja, is visited by a Chinese gentleman who brings Tintin a message. However, a poison dart containing the madness poison was struck right into the massager's neck by an unseen marksman. The only clues Tintin received from the now mad messenger is that there's trouble in Shanghai and a man named Mitsuhirato, which is the place where the remaining members of the syndicate ...

Xrzui3wybxfaajgw48m9guqi4f 1x9 – Der blaue Lotus (2)

The only way to save those who have been injected with the madness poison is by finding a doctor who can provide an antidote to cure them. However the doctor was kidnapped by the syndicate and is now being held hostage in Hukow outside the border of Shanghai. To make matters more difficult, Mitsuhirato has ordered the Japanese army station at the border of Shanghai to arrest Tintin if seen trying to exit the border of Shanghai. Tintin, will have to try to escape from Shanghai and head for Hukow to save the doctor and put an end to the syndicate once and for all. As ...

Udcvktp4h6aowtztpe4x3yhjfyq 1x10 – Die schwarze Insel (1)

When Tintin is shot by the pilot of downed plane, he travels to Britain to uncover a sinister plot.

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Ivrrgqqaohfmusiss5pq95ycxoq 1x11 – Die schwarze Insel (2)

Tintin, still wondering Britain investigates a mysterious island in Scotland.

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867eb0magt6lthhharlkjmqlyn8 1x12 – Der Fall Bienlein (1)

After a terrible storm overnight Tin Tin and the Captain become aware someone is trying to kill them.

44jydaz1okq9ozofrjnendt6ast 1x13 – Der Fall Bienlein (2)

Tintin and Haddock set out to rescue Professor Calculus.

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