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1x1 – The Secret of the Unicorn

Tintin buys a model ship for Captain Archibald Haddock, but the ship is stolen. Later, Tintin realizes that a piece of parchment was inside the mast, and it reveals the location of a sunken pirate treasure. But Tintin's wallet is stolen, which has the piece of paper in it. Later, The Bird Brothers kidnap Tintin for his parchment, but he does not have it. After a long car and plane chase, Max Bird and his brother are safely behind bars. The two detectives, Thompson and Thomson, retrieve Tintin's wallet, and the 4, with the help of Professor Cuthbert Calculus, leave to ...

1x2 – Le trésor de Rackam le Rouge

Tintin, Haddock, the Thompsons and Calculus are navigating on their way to a mysterious island where the treasure of Red Rackham might be. Many perils await our friends, including an escaped Max Bird, headhunters and an awaking volcano.

1x3 – Objectif lune 1

Tintin and Haddock are invited by Professor Calculus at the space center in Central Europe. While visiting, dog Snowy gets trapped in a Moon-bound rocket. It's up to Calculus to build a space rocket for humans to rescue Snowy.

1x4 – Objectif lune 2

In this sequel, Haddock, Tintin and Professor Calculus are on the way to the Moon to rescue Snowy. However, a traitor and a spy are on board to steal the spaceship and bring it to a foreign country.

1x5 – L'île noire

Tintin goes to the UK to stop a counterfeit money plot orchestrated by an evil doctor and his gang. A gorilla gets also in the way.

1x6 – The Crab with the Golden Claws

After rescuing Haddock from evil man Allan and his gang, Tintin must survive the Sahara Desert, fight a Berber warrior and help of the Foreign Legion to unmask a drug-smuggling operation.

1x7 – The Shooting Star

A team of scientists want to uncover a mysterious meteor which landed in the Arctic. Tintin and Captain Haddock offer their help with a ship, but also must face foreign adversaries to get there first.

1x8 – The Calculus Affair

Professor Calculus invented a machine which breaks glass with sound waves. Some foreign countries (including a Totalitarian regime) are interested and send their spies. Tintin and Haddock must face perils to come and rescue the Professor.

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