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Svyvrnayfkq2xoyl5ucfgpawhr7 1x1 – Sidekicked

Earthworm Jim fires Peter Puppy after he let Professor Monkey-For-A-Head get away. Jim auditions new sidekicks while he attempts to rescue Princess What's-Her-Name from Psy-Crow.

Sdqntb1jhxkgfzhrexmiegjoy01 1x2 – The Book of Doom

Due to a printing error, one of Jim's pop-up story books has the secret of universal conquest, and Evil the Cat will do anything to get it.

6pcby5gwbsoehxwmt8ofk07rjlo 1x3 – Assault and Battery

Jim's suit malfunctions when his ""Battery of the Gods"" runs out of juice. He must find the Gods and get a new battery before Queen-Slug-For-A-Butt mashes Turlawk into jelly.

Npyvr04tzebnvho3d1sqtwf3lm0 1x4 – Day of the Fish

The League of Superheroes runs out of sugar, so Jim flies of to La Planeta de Agua to get some. Bob the Killer Goldfish takes advantage of Jim and steals his super suit so he can conquer the Earth.

Tzsjooakiq9tsppuyu0frsx4fp3 1x5 – Conqueror Worm

A freak accident with a photocopy of Jim's face leads to the creation of Evil Jim. Jim must bust out of prison and stop Evil Jim from destroying the Turlawk shopping mall.

Djszm1dvlddd5lv74szu4peqchb 1x6 – Upholstered Peril

Mysterious purple couches are turning the world's population into mindless zombies. With Peter as a mindless Zombie, Jim enlists the help of boy-genius Grayson to stop this evil plot by Professor Monkey-for-a-Head.

O5vytcukj2d6fbvaab88fvfrg9j 1x7 – Sword of Righteousness

Jim becomes a great warrior after finding a magical sword in a vending machine sandwich. Will this help him battle Psy-Crow and his Orb of Quite Remarkable Power?

Rpwlptuko2mdzuaekfb8iujkt18 1x8 – The Egg Beater

Jim accidentally leaves Mrs. Bleveridge's egg beater on a distant planet, so he takes her on a trip across the universe to get back the egg beater.

Y6mnuxd8nop529mu0ncobwuufbg 1x9 – Trout!

Jim must seek the Fur-Bearin' trout and protect him from Queen-Slug-For-A-Butt's fur-powered death machine.

Fjudfjyaut0lywmn6mxd4jqg2bd 1x10 – The Great Secret of the Universe

Evil the Cat releases a beast named ""Rosebud"" to assist him in destroying the universe. However, Rosebud is a little too mellow to go with Evil's sinister plot, even though he knows ""The Great Secret of the Universe.""

Dsf4b3u9dpnqz7gnfita5vlyrol 1x11 – Bring Me the Head of Earthworm Jim

Professor Monkey-for-a-Head and Psy-Crow steal Jim's super suit, and Jim uses a weak duplicate to try to get it back.

Ayioopkanaokgkbitphxvtjfqud 1x12 – Queen What's Her Name

Princess What's-Her-Name finally dethrones the evil Queen and takes her place as the ruler of Insectika. Unfortunately, being a stuck-up debutante is not the Princess' cup of tea.

G5vaqx8jxh3dp25fk0d1y5swhhw 1x13 – The Anti-Fish

Bob the Killer Goldfish resurrects the god of all fish to help him conquer the universe. But, this evil pihranna only wants to mangle and devour ""The Great Worm Spirit."" Jim and Bob form an uneasy alliance to stop the fish from eating the great worm and destroying the universe.

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