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1x1 – Partner wider Willen

They don't know each other yet, yet Edel and Starck are going to form the most unusual and original duo of lawyers that Berlin has ever known. Edel has just lost a large sum of money following a case that was not solved in time and Starck has just left the firm where she was practicing following a sexual harassment. Edel and Starck get together to become teammates.

1x2 – Mann am Steuer - ungeheuer!

While borrowing Sandra's car, Edel has a slight accident. He thinks he can fix it as soon as possible and secretly gives the car to a shady garage. - At the same time, he has to deal with a case of harassment but the hearing goes badly.

1x3 – Ein Soufflee der Götter

Edel has a knack for taking care of private matters. A neighbor complains about noise pollution because his neighbor is a prostitute - Sandra is interested in her horoscope..

1x4 – Ein ganz normaler Stier

Edel receives a call from his childhood sweetheart to handle his divorce - Our lawyer tends to handle the return of his ex badly.

1x5 – Das Kuckucksei

Edel and Starck find a baby in front of their office one morning. He is abandoned by a mother who cannot afford to support the child and his father is a bandit whose defense is assured by Mr. Starck.

1x6 – Wunderkinder

Edel and Sandra take care of a 12 year old child with an IQ of 160 whose father wants to send him several miles away but the mother is against it.

1x7 – Eiertanz

Between Sandra who has to deal with a case of in-vitro fertilization because her father wants to put an end to it and Felix who defends hippies accused of drug trafficking, our two lawyers do not know where to turn.

1x8 – Der Mantel des Schweigens

Between a young girl who is looking for her father whom she never knew and a mute man who is accused of practicing psychology without any diploma, Edel and Starck lead these two investigations simultaneously.

1x9 – Und ewig lockt - der Mann

Sandra who falls in love with the lawyer of the opposing party awakens Edel's jealousy. However, Edel must concentrate on his case: defending a hacker who wanted to hack an Internet server that overcharges its clients.

1x10 – Hokus, Pokus, Exitus

Sandra and Felix fear for their lives. Biene has gone to see a fortune teller who has predicted an imminent death at the firm. Even though they don't pay much attention to this superstitious son-in-law, a feeling of anxiety is still running through their heads and the moments of anxiety are becoming less and less rare.

1x11 – Alter vor Schönheit

When a man wants a divorce because his wife is too beautiful, Edel and Starck have trouble handling the situation.

1x12 – Reine Vertrauenssache

Christophe comes to see Felix to ask for his help. Gabi Eicher, one of his patients, accuses him of sexual harassment. This can't be true, at least what Felix thinks of his family man friend and renowned doctor.

1x13 – Das Gericht tanzt

The annual lawyers' ball is fast approaching. Sandra has already received her invitation, Felix has not. The invitation is for two people, but it's a matter of dignity for Felix not to just accompany his colleague. And he wants his own invitation. So Biene goes to the party venue and meets Frau Wagner, who is in charge of the organization. She explains that Felix's name has been removed from the list because his firm had already received an invitation. As Biene wonders how she will break the news to her boss, her eyes suddenly stop on the stage. There, she catches ...

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