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Tawxxsr0425ipn9w3a1mrd2hbc8 1x1 – Das Schwert von Grayskull

Warrior witch Teela searches for the fabled Sword of Power's champion - and finds adventurous teen Adam and his Tiger Tribe friends, Cringer and Krass.

Aoppyhodhbv048swdbjgb9jyug8 1x2 – Die Macht von Grayskull

Stunned by his newfound powers, Adam and crew race to Castle Grayskull to recharge the Sword of Power with Prince Keldor and his evil allies in pursuit.

9cxbiygfys1tv4onqj1pce93fs8 1x3 – Die Erben Grayskull

Adam discovers the truth about his forgotten past. But a surprise reunion with an unexpected relative leaves Adam and his friends buried in the dust.

W6zhfieah5pulbip0jgr2b8wfq1 1x4 – Die Helden von Grayskull

Cringer, Krass, Teela and Duncan harness the power of Grayskull to unlock their inner heroes and help Adam resist evil trio Keldor, Evelyn and Kronis.

Kzos1qgcz5lvxtjoodlzcfszwel 1x5 – Wir haben die Kraft

Skeletor's sidekicks plot behind his back. Teela is reluctant to power up with Adam's team, but stampedes of vicious beasts might not give her a choice.

Pkawmqezg19hashmai4lmv1qi4y 1x6 – Orko der Große

Duncan reboots a robot who thinks he's a great magician and causes chaos around the castle. Kronis uses a clever disguise to bypass the royal guards.

Cntllzdiedxqos3yb7n0144erm1 1x7 – He-Man, der Gejagte

Former foes confront Cringer, Adam and Krass in the jungle and reveal how the loyal tiger lost his claws. Teela attempts to pinpoint Keldor's location.

Qsk0pd9rsrhpirqprfbprug1rjp 1x8 – Die Ruhe vor dem Sturm

Kronis and Evelyn hire hunter R'Qazz as they plot to overthrow Skeletor. He-Man and King Randor fight side-by-side as a Havoc storm consumes Eternos.

U8xjkv6vdxeeukpuriwujluzayx 1x9 – Die Macht der Chaosmagie – Teil 1

Adam and the Masters of the Universe finally face Skeletor before he summons his own powerful Dark Masters for a savage showdown at Snake Mountain.

Etzsripcfe8qie4l76creragsmd 1x10 – Die Macht der Chaosmagie – Teil 2

Krass and Ork-0 catch up to Adam and the heroes before they race to Eternos to save King Randor from Skeletor and his dark army's epic assault.

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