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Zmphgmofltey95wrax8iui02aay 1x1 – Eine neue Familie für Stan

Tyler and Avery discover their dog Stan can talk.

Kujo6fuiyiyi8c35p50uwng2qcd 1x2 – Das Gefühl von Freiheit

Stan takes the car out and smashes the front end.

1y3zn19ovwquywcoakrqkgf02tp 1x3 – Maskottchen Rivalitäten

Stan convinces Avery to let him fill in as mascot for the Homecoming Game.

Oflo75b2kbki1z1sluankboabxy 1x4 – Der Freundschafts Kodex

When Tyler goes on a dog walking date with the new girl he likes, Nikki, Stan must deal with her annoying dog, Evita, and be "wingman".

Mvve1ktfcvsyogbzh220uwdha8 1x5 – Virtuelle Freunde

Stan starts playing an on-line role playing game!

5s1rpyp7uxaewrkzl2dwcg1nct2 1x6 – Schenken macht Freude

Avery hopes she will finally get a gift she likes.

Mgdlpwyvghgekcfn8xt237wrqs 1x7 – Sprechende Konkurrenz

Frustrated with her inability to get along with Stan, Ellen buys a parrot that doesn't seem to like her, and Tyler finds out a girl he likes is one of her father's patients.

5ucrt29f90pdgsmho80qqqeyuet 1x8 – Verborgene Talente

Avery's nemesis overhears Chloe refer to Stan's secret.

Sfpm2bgj3ehhgjqli3qowiwlmww 1x9 – Stans Schweigen

Stan refuses to talk anymore.

Fwu9m7vohgclccfn5bd8brar8ou 1x10 – Wo ist Chloe

When Stan is in charge of watching Chloe, she goes missing!

2cnbrhe6zkurdku2dicz1nof2bc 1x11 – Der Hüter des Hauses

The family trains Stan to be a guard dog.

Hnxxs4oh1whhh8jiorwh0qjrass 1x12 – Film ab

Avery makes a "Freaky Friday" type of movie for a class project.

Jxec2ymkr1ldnfy7hacfanrisak 1x13 – Die neue Avery

Avery makes the cheerleading squad.

1im9sawucih70m2tdiff2wvajbo 1x14 – Jeder ist ein Kuenstler

Tyler enters the same art competition as Avery.

Dxuznpj67ecewqhc9qydrxk2y0c 1x15 – Liebesglueck

Avery has her first crush on a boy who idolizes Tyler.

J7bbfnge0thkn30p27zfnsxggjr 1x16 – Ein Job fuer Tyler

Tyler gets a job in food truck but Ellen and Bennett doesn't like his job.

Vjro5t8igryreq108nzvx6zsqli 1x17 – Herzschmerz

Avery breaks up with Dustin and needs her mother to comfort her.

9lvsopvxcp6fydwusstplhmy99y 1x18 – Familienzuwachs

The kids jump to the conclusion that their parents are having a baby.

N8kvglnxhmsniqota36p9dlhcyh 1x19 – Oma James hoert Stimmen

When Grandma comes to babysit the kids, she hears Stan talk.

Y4tml4bhfydcp9dvzgtnkilxmo2 1x20 – Averys wilde Party

Avery must throw a party without her parents' knowledge.

A9fkgmnheoggipjw15gw4qiebuu 1x21 – Die Talentshow

Bennett and Ellen discover Avery's secret online "Buddy Bump" account.

O0kq4p8r6nyg9zirkwvualv3ug0 1x22 – Stans Entscheidung

Stan's former owner, Ian, arrives from Spokane, Washington to reclaim him.

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