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1jupr6vloyyjb1yserucz3k1qjw 1x1 – Episode #1.1

Inside Lee Byeong-Chan's science lab, a student incurs a seemingly harmless bite. Shortly after, a fast-spreading outbreak soaks the school in blood.

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S1ejjhulb4s6sxkokgmpq7cfrgu 1x2 – Episode #1.2

The infected multiply in droves. Scrambling for their lives, Nanm On-Jo and Lee Cheong-San find safety with others inside a classroom-but not for long.

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Cvnal8osgrca3uxus4qgy8qrgny 1x3 – Episode #1.3

When one of the group is scratched while fighting a zombie, Lee Na-yeon demands they kick him out. Outside, the virus swallows up the city.

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2ma0irna8738zr6fo9v9yfygdnv 1x4 – Episode #1.4

In need of a cellphone, two students take a risky journey to the teachers' office. Byeong-chan passes on critical information to Detective Song Jae-ik.

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Inedm5tp6uk0cfnvrwede8yvvru 1x5 – Episode #1.5

Martial law is imposed on the city. When Cheong-san is separated from the rest of the group, On-jo leads a mission to use a drone to locate him.

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E6b835b0lwhflirq2knnql3vlcx 1x6 – Episode #1.6

The group clears a path to Cheong-an using sound to draw away the zombies, but a new type of threat surfaces. Nam So-ju breaks out of the quarantine camp.

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Jm5s8jahupqbujjph8wopenlt0v 1x7 – Episode #1.7

To make it out of the music room and onto the roof, the students put into action their most perilous plan yet. Elsewhere, Jae-ik comes across a setback.

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Go0onhp51fbstitwjj289kuridl 1x8 – Episode #1.8

Jae-ik and his crew run into a student from the school. Na-yeon works up the courage to face her peers. The group shares confessions around a fire.

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Htjfmfol9js4gqrmqrnxzpm8vro 1x9 – Episode #1.9

A disturbance at the quarantine camp shifts the military's understanding of the virus. A thunderstorm provides cover as the group agrees to keep on moving.

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Fd5lpddoxgkoke39lrwobtimeje 1x10 – Episode #1.10

The auditorium quickly becomes a trap for the two newly united teams of survivors. Byeong-chan's video logs reveal a drastic solution to the crisis.

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1v95gkxva5vpevto1iqb7s8xa7i 1x11 – Episode #1.11

Though a surprise protector provides the group safe passage to their next stop, Yoon Gwi-nam is not far behind. The military makes a grave decision.

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Qxf3fb6dxpoiuwrtnmvcaxa9mun 1x12 – Episode #1.12

The students make it to the quarantine camp, each of them weighed down by tragic loss. Months later, they hang on to hope for a survivor.

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