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5bm4oryhhl5kxtvfoimkqzfe6de 1x1 – Power

There is disagreement whether Toronto should continue with Edison's DC system or Nikola Tesla's AC system, differences that seemingly result in murder.

Lv7mrzp7n5mhqzlhpjpuxkwwer6 1x2 – Das Glasdach

A vicious criminal, known for his deadly use of a stiletto may have escaped from jail to revenge himself on those public servants that helped convict him.

7xslce7zlwshdc12wct6krsk5xu 1x3 – Knockdown

Black professional boxer Amos Robinson is supposed to throw a fight to a local Tornto favorite but knocks him out instead and is murdered before the night is out.

Tgs8ogp9yqxy1lkovzmbsxb4vqv 1x4 – Elementar, mein lieber Murdoch

Murdoch accompanies Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who is in Toronto on lecture tour for spiritualism, to a local clairvoyant who leads them to a freshly buried murder victim.

7ylwqajjlqeasucr3k0had6zebl 1x5 – Bis, dass der Tod uns scheidet

After the heir to a profitable business is murdered in church only minutes before his marriage of convenience, a post-mortem discloses he had recently engaged in sexual activity.

Z8dorzfmj5lhrexnhscsdxbxkjv 1x6 – Lass die Hunde los

One of the conspirators running a fixed dog fighting competition is murdered and the drunkard who is the prime suspect happens to be Murdoch's estranged father.

4g585udzxyngdtxwyqrlrmch4js 1x7 – Körperdouble

During a performance of "Macbeth" in a venerable Toronto theater, a desiccated body breaks through the floor and lands with a chandelier just missing Lady Macbeth.

Sy49vf9zcohmd0vhmwrpc369o6k 1x8 – Stille Wasser

The affluent and influential young man who recently replaced one of the rowers for the 1896 Olympic rowing team is found drowned in the river.

Eybwej1laohww8kltpyy3j3wmhz 1x9 – Bauchsprecher

When a drunken, philandering wastrel is found dead in his room, having had varnish forced down in his throat, his estranged disturbed ventriloquist son is found in a wardrobe.

Mprtnjznrqgzl5mhcj13orpsylm 1x10 – Kinderspiel

Howard Rookwood is murdered in the horse stables of his glue factory, but who would want to kill a humanitarian involved with placing troubled English youth in foster homes?

54iazzxabqull5rddoim1rzlkyq 1x11 – Schlechte Medizin

After a research physician of brain abnormalities is murdered with a crossbow, Murdoch traces the hooded killer to the patients of his institute.

Ykrljuxxxfstprdryq575p6pdrt 1x12 – Episode 12

Prince Alfred, grandson of Queen Victoria, is visiting Toronto and Murdoch is assigned to protect the reckless playboy from Fenian conspiracy.

Vlh156olz5dreyvsvfjblwlgexo 1x13 – Episode 13

Murdoch investigate the hanging of a farmer found in a freshly plowed field with no footprints around it. Crabtree suspects extraterrestrial involvement.

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