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Xptvyb0dimhcxoeqzrxhrpmvldc 1x1 – Pilot

Fauna Hodel, a naïve girl growing up in mid-sixties Reno, Nevada, embarks on a quest to discover who she really is. In LA, Jay Singletary, a former Marine turned hack reporter covers a gruesome murder.

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Qqmnqsu8elv51y8ryare7290zqh 1x2 – Phenomenon of Interference

Fauna attempts to track down her family, including her mysterious grandfather, George Hodel. Jay continues his pursuit of the Bloody Romeo, but he can't let go of the story that ruined his career; a story that involved George Hodel.

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Nialk0333wffyskp0yu3i12cyik 1x3 – Dark Flower

Fauna meets up with Corinna but suspects the woman of lies and hiding her real mother, Tamar. Jay meanwhile gets a harsh visit from the LAPD but this leaves him wondering how close he's getting to the truth.

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Vrranhhm2thndpkp5sgaptaz0kf 1x4 – Matador

As Jay edges closer to the truth, he begins to realise the MO for the case he's looking at has more than a passing resemblance to the Black Dahlia murder. Fauna receives a mysterious invitation to a “Happening” and, hoping for further information about her mother Tamar, heads to it.

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2mnmsgozeinri5rj5hhbpciw2le 1x5 – Aloha

With an address in hand, Fauna and Jay head to Hawaii to find Tamar. Fauna in the hope of finding some answers about who she is, Jay hoping to find answers about the Hodel story he wrote about that ruined his career.

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Shw2ozjfslhiseq44enbr46wtnn 1x6 – Folge 6

As Los Angeles erupts in racial violence, Fauna decides she has no other choice than to confront George Hodel about his activities herself, while Jay is stuck in jail, again.

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