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5hibvlhv21pjnnkwqvoluca0olo 1x1 – True Crime

Upper West Side neighbors Charles, Oliver and Mabel bond over a shared love of true crime. When a fellow resident dies in their building, the trio determine to solve the mystery and record an accompanying podcast.

Hemk2tcrye7fajraensto9sqit6 1x2 – Who Is Tim Kono?

The group begins researching the victim. Meanwhile, Mabel's secretive past starts to be unraveled.

Tlx60xrpbsplhmxxjuhxko3opgh 1x3 – How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?

Oliver employs his theater director skills to analyze the case. Charles and Mabel question an obsessive cat lover.

Ymo9qjndyuhxx7wxjtiucy0zsi 1x4 – The Sting

Believing the murderer might be a famous resident whom is difficult to access, the group seeks advice from a renowned podcasting host.

9wbpjsa33me8ffytyxcxq2vom3c 1x5 – Twist

Mabel slips away on a solo mission tracking the victim's final days. Suspicious, Charles and Oliver follow her.

1x6 – To Protect and Serve

Mabel brings her new friends (and an old one) to her childhood home to meet her mother. Meanwhile, Detective Williams starts to have her own doubts about the case as she prepares for motherhood.

1x7 – The Boy from 6B

With the investigation scratching at a web of old crimes originating inside the building, a mysterious young man turns the tables to spy on Charles, Oliver and Mabel.

1x8 – Fan Fiction

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

1x9 – Double Time

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

1x10 – Open and Shut

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

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