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1x0 – A Show Is Born

Get to know how Sanjay & Craig came to be with the show's creators Andreas Trolf, Jay Howell, and Jim Dirschberger. And their snake expert, Dave!

O3g9mygq9gp5luzmor76hym8loy 1x1 – Brett Venom, M.D./Laugh Quake

Sanjay and Craig infiltrate the hospital to see the world's first butt transplant.Sanjay and Craig go on a quest to find the ultimate laugh.

Bqham5qgd0kczpq5wfokouku9hb 1x2 – Maximum Denis/Dog Wave

The boys go undercover to defend their video game dominance at the Frycade.Sanjay and Craig decide to get a dog but end up with 100 dogs.

Dpksufcia7wr0mahkjr3ci84jyg 1x3 – Heightmare/Be Like Tufflips

Sanjay is finally big enough to go on the scariest carnival ride, but can he survive it?Sanjay dresses like Remington Tufflips and is mistaken for his hero.

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Wlg96iiiqyvopzei3r4osk7qv6h 1x4 – Stinkboy/Wolfie

Sanjay runs away to live in the sewer when Craig can't handle his stench.Hector's sudden fascination with wolves gets on Sanjay and Craig's nerves.

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Myefd3vfiqg9fapuyyfxifum6at 1x5 – Traffical Island/Partybot

The kids turn against Sanjay when he maroons them all on a highway median.Sanjay and Craig find an old robot and become party animals.

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Vju4onop70zqsxqd58q687gxyev 1x6 – The Giving G/Release the Craigan

An amazing discovery at the junkyard causes trouble in the neighborhood.Craig steals Megan's identity and becomes a pageant queen.

6fe1rmauqhhul3tm6neidjcj0cy 1x7 – Muscle C.O.P.S./Cold Hard Cash

Sanjay grows giant calf muscles and joins a peculiar police force.Craig risks his life to help his best bud find a frozen treasure.

Xr3pvzsckcza0d6mx8x81hndsg4 1x8 – Unbarfable/Game On

The search is on when Sanjay and Craig's favorite video game goes AWOL.Sanjay and Craig vow to make Hector barf for the first time ever.

1x9 – Laked Nake/Doom Baby

A good day at the lake goes bad when Sanjay loses his bathing suit.The dudes' decision to babysit Richard Dickson might cost Craig his life.

1x10 – Blackout/Family Re-Noodman

When the lights go out, Sanjay becomes the most powerful kid in town.The boys infiltrate Noodman's reunion in hopes of tasting special Frycade wings.

1x11 – Fart Baby/Kung-Fu Catapult

Sanjay and Craig are the proud parents of a baby fart.Sanjay and Craig agree to rid Tufflips' trailer of ghosts in return for a catapult.

1x12 – Trouble Dare/Road Pizza

The dudes play the Dicksons in an epic game of Family Double Dare.Craig gets possessed by an evil pizza demon that wants to destroy the Frycade.

1x13 – Cup O' Universe/You're In Trouble

The kids discover a universe in a milkshake cup. While at Tufflips overnight camp, the dudes do their best not to wet the bed.

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1x14 – Booger Johnson/Dream Rangers

Craig can't stop eating Megan's pet gerbil. Sanjay and Craig must re-enter their dream to rescue Belle.

1x15 – Day of the Snake/Prickerbeast

Sanjay discovers all the awesome things Craig does when Sanjay's at school. The kids discover a local legend is a lie and get revenge on their parents.

1x16 – Kerplunk'd/Old Farts

Sanjay and Craig start a prank war with the ultimate prank master. Sanjay and Craig disguise themselves as senior citizens to get free wings.

1x17 – Flip Flopas/Chill Bill

When the kids eat candy that makes good things taste bad forever, they set out on a quest to find an antidote. A cool bass player who lives in an underground convenience store threatens to break up Sanjay and Craig's friendship.

1x18 – Curb Dawgz/I Love Loogie

Megan disguises herself as a tomboy to unwittingly convince Sanjay to be her partner at a dance competition. Sanjay, Craig, and Hector con their way into a rad-awesome skate crew.

1x19 – A Tail of Two Slithers

Craig meets his long-lost brother, Ronnie Slithers, who uses devious methods to try and turn the dudes against one another.

1x20 – Boatin' Down the River/Pretty in Punk

Sanjay and Craig are to blame when the Dicksons are seduced by fame and fortune.

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