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9atwhkugx1mb6wesk3lpilfnkbj 1x1 – Encounters in Wytearp

Favaro Leone travels the land, collecting bounties while avoiding a rival bounty hunter. But his life changes when he encounters a mysterious girl from the sky��_

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Bfo4wuzxyqsfuorcwv2ytf2lfsr 1x2 – Escape from Livian

Favaro tries everything possible to remove his newly-acquired demon tail. Meanwhile, an elite band of knights is sent to retreive Amira's God Key.

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T1qz2czphby9msi2ir7auxb5qnh 1x3 – Fog of Nebelville

While humans, gods, and demons pursue the God Key, Amira and Favaro venture into a small town covered in a mysterious, eerie fog...

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Agpg5tqmbjpaxwwp3c4ci2gmy3 1x4 – Reunion at Ysmenport

After receiving a helpful tip from Bacchus, Favaro and Amira finally board a boat headed for Helheim. By sheer coincidence, its captain is an old friend of Favaro's father.

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Niuvkg9uqa9wgtihws1ah6ycgtz 1x5 – Rescue in Sword Valley

Favaro and Rita try to find a way into Azazel's flying castle, where Amira and Kaisar are being held prisoner.

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92l2gki1brmsuibfviftyeaghkf 1x6 – Anatae, Part 1: Legendary Saint

Favaro, Amira, and the others are captured and taken to the royal city of Anatae. There, truths are revealed and executions are prepared��_

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Fumu3jyxt8alzocz7pocsjysu9t 1x7 – Anatae, Part 2: The Storm Rages

Azazel, leading a demon horde, launches an assault on the human castle. His aim: Amira and the God Key.

Zfvw1mt6dfkkm0bkq7x9uyuilll 1x8 – Anatae, Part 3: Beyond the Storm

Azazel has been forced to retreat, and now the truth behind Amira's existence is revealed. Favaro and Kaisar are summoned to see the king, however��_

7dlhjifwhavmvnutmcqhshday1e 1x9 – Decision in the Wailing Woods

Favaro and Amira escape from the royal capital, and all sides - gods, demons, and humans - are thrown into confusion. Meanwhile, the king of Anatae begins to act very oddly��_

38ehfffope0jlryopjlwoap7si3 1x10 – Helheim, Land of Lies

All hell breaks loose when Amira is finally reunited with her mother.

Dqpf6heagonzezg2c6haashpy1x 1x11 – All Roads Lead to Abos

The humans and angels struggle in a last-ditch effort to keep Amira from unlocking Bahamut's seal.

E7b8ycr0syyjsn5c7zr0aln8o1x 1x12 – Rage of Bahamut

Bahamut has been released, and the world is faced with destruction. How can anyone stop the power of this legendary beast?!

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