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2x1 – Episode 1

Kenny and his pet chimpanzee are asked by a mad scientist to watch over his collection of samples of deadly diseases.

2x2 – Episode 2

Og builds a car for Mike.

2x3 – Episode 3

The youngest crew member of King Crab's intergalactic space cruiser has his body invaded by a life-sucking outer space parasite.

2x4 – Episode 4

Billy's hamster turned 10 in human years, but was awaiting to see the Grim Reaper. Billy and his friend, Mandy challenge the Reaper to a game of limbo to become best friends.

2x5 – Episode 5

Robot Jones learns that he has been put into a human public school that he must now attend.

2x6 – Episode 6

During Math class a young boy named Trevor tries to solve an unsolvable math problem by using his imagination to transform found objects and his doodles into unique characters.

2x7 – Episode 7

Two friends find unusual responses to their on-line postings after they try to cheer up a broken-hear-ted woman in the park.

2x8 – Episode 8

This cartoon follows the misadventures of an eccentric old woman who tries to replace her long lost children by dressing up her cat and dog in human clothes.

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2x9 – Episode 9

a clumsy water-phobic cactus who helps save her family from a deadly drought at Cyclone Ranch.

2x10 – Episode 10

This cartoon follows the unwittingly lucky Lydia Lucas, who is raised by half-crazy parents and narrowly misses her demise at the hands of the Baxter Boys again and again.

2x11 – Episode 11

This cartoon follows two philosophical cavemen who just don't fit into their prehistoric surroundings.

2x12 – Episode 12

This short follows a cat that wants to find a home. After noticing a lost cat poster he poses as the lost pet so that the cat's real owner will give him a home. He is joined by his two friends George Liberman, the horse and Nancy Mouse.

2x13 – Episode 13

This cartoon follows the journey of a wily unemployed geezer and his rag-tailed bunch of friends as they travel to the zoo to reunite Uncle Gus with his AWOL fiancée.

2x14 – Episode 14

Sheep leaves Farmer John's farm in pursuit of a happy life in the city.

2x15 – Episode 15

A group of thrill seekers, Ashley, Joe and Otto, attempt to conquer the world's most dangerous golf course, "Putt and Perish".

2x16 – Episode 16

The long-retired Captain Sturdy must return to action when the Union of Super Heroes cancels his pension.

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2x17 – Episode 17

A cowboy and his horse, Yee Hah and Doo Dah, reside in Manhattan's Central Park. Yee Hah enjoys the city life until he discovers that the city pavement is giving him a dreadful blister.

2x18 – Episode 18

Travelling in an orbiting meteor, three Imps are up for review and are offered the opportunity to help a poor farm couple by granting them their wish for desperately needed rain to help their crops.

2x19 – Episode 19

It's Nadine's first day of school, a significant historical event considered by her mother to be one of many "milestone days", which must be documented with a photo.

2x20 – Episode 20

Major Flake tries to sell enough Major Flake cereals, or he will be fired.

2x26 – Episode 26

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