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Hr26w3gpwuiqfrkw3dkilflvont 1x1 – Thomas und Gordon

Thomas, a small steam-engine, loves to brag to and tease Gordon about how hard he works, but strong, powerful, self-important Gordon decides to take him on a ride he'll never forget.

3dwz4udq9l7w1cmnt0tvgf77pr8 1x2 – Hilfe vom kleinen Edward

Gordon gets stuck on the hill and old Edward proves that he can still be a really useful engine when he comes to Gordon's rescue.

2z5yan920ktovavyf1rckizgqzj 1x3 – Die traurige Geschichte von Henry

Henry, a big green engine, doesn't want to risk paintwork being ruined by rain, so refuses to leave a tunnel he enters on a trip. But he may end up being there longer than he wants as he ends up being bricked up.

J3m8bjbm980cgcobhfxfwbsam2l 1x4 – Gordon in Not

When Gordon is involved in a bigger incident than Edward can help him out of alone, it happens near the tunnel Henry wishes to be released from.

Zy8z8ex1igs3f79ur79znhsaz1r 1x5 – Thomas Zug

Thomas is jealous of those who get to pull coaches so jumps at the chance when Henry is sick, but ends up starting up unattached in his hurry.

Wyj0v8dwomgrsauebgp7ntcj58j 1x6 – Die Güterwagen

Thomas is offered to switch jobs with Edward for a day since he wants to do more important things, but doesn't take the warnings seriously that freight-trucks are troublemakers.

3srcnhrutufhsftya6fj9do4l39 1x7 – Der Unfallzug

James' brakes catch fire and his freight-trucks push him out of control, forcing Thomas to use a breakdown-train to help him and to deal with the trucks that he has gotten used to.

Ut7ngn7cjuuexrv5lgt3xnfajlp 1x8 – James und die Personenwagen

James' showing off results in anger and others avoiding him, but he thinks he's being put below Gordon and takes out his frustration on the freight-cars...and ends up stuck when they can't run anymore.

Sscg3hkltpj3h07rtaxtmyt52kh 1x9 – Die Güterwagen machen Ärger

James wants to be able to prove he's still a good worker once he's released from the shed, but it won't be easy since the freight-trucks he's been given are determined to ruin his plans.

9phlaro8xk7ggq4zzbe0u0tenzd 1x10 – James und der Schnellzug

Gordon loves to tease James like Henry does, and to brag about how he knows the rails so well, until he and the express are put on the wrong route by mistake and James gets his wish to pull it instead.

Vglsrjbxqtahxn1x48hchwjmav1 1x11 – Thomas und der Schaffner

Thomas is so impatient after waiting for Henry's train that he leaves without his guard.

1idfkqypid5z7amvztolbogh7eh 1x12 – Thomas geht angeln

Thomas always dreams of going fishing - until river-water is forced to be used to refill him.

U6nbpvtbuwdzzz8eykpo5gqeryu 1x13 – Terence, der Traktor

Thomas meets Terence, a tractor, but doesn't see the point of his way of doing things. In the winter they meet again when Thomas purposely damages his snowplow then gets stuck in a drift.

Cteyorujh22qtcooksxc3dpatsi 1x14 – Bertie, der Bus

Thomas strikes up a good-natured rivalry with a bus named Bertie who remembers how much Thomas relies on others and they decide to have a race to see who's faster.

Joikauergobfa79mgklavyonjlh 1x15 – Kohlewagen und Drehscheiben

Gordon, Henry, and James hate the extra work without Thomas and they decide to rebel after Gordon and James each have an embarrassing experience with the turntable their size requires them to use.

2nwcyqdlbubsltbi7q9legk8tat 1x16 – Ärger im Depot

With the biggest three engines going on strike, the Fat Controller gets Edward to help out and hires a new tank engine, Percy. But with Gordon, James, and Henry giving the others a hard time, they remain the biggest problem to the railway.

Oivyiuc0etqbl6kg8lcx38hvwxx 1x17 – Percy läuft weg

Percy, Thomas, and Edward enjoy some free time for helping out, but Percy enjoys himself too much to be careful and is almost run into by Gordon - then has a delayed reaction and takes off backward.

Tqihhclxxhshtuol6h62zxfxpfp 1x18 – Kohle

The other engines don't believe Henry when he says he's sick, but soon even the crew notices and try to figure out what to do for him. It turns out the problem can be solved if a special kind of coal can be gotten for him.

Kyh7mxolm7vgy3twhtvj5qsowpw 1x19 – Der fliegende Bückling

Henry collides with a goods train while pulling "The Flying Kipper". The Fat Controller sends him to Crewe for repairs and he comes back with a new shape and a larger firebox meaning that he no longer needs special coal.

Ashrj7fhpg12q2kacgzhjznxzel 1x20 – Pfeifen und Niesen

Gordon is jealous of Henry's restructure so tries to spoil his good mood by saying he shouldn't whistle. He also has to put up with a group of children attacking him.

Zfzz9lwlgamiqtyddiuvwmf89mq 1x21 – Toby und der elegante Herr

Toby, a tram-engine with little work, gets a chance to spend time with people who truly appreciate him, like the Fat Controller whom he doesn't know, but soon faces his railway's closing down.

Zreegpdvfi6kupgiawm0fob3hxt 1x22 – Thomas in Not

Thomas has unknowingly been illegally going down the public quarry way without equipment, so is considered a problem. But it may be a second chance for Toby, the unused tram.

1yfsfanckklf73zsngtqd2jank1 1x23 – Dreckige Dinger

James calls Toby and Henrietta "dirty objects" because of their shabby look. He tells them that you will never see his paint dirty. However, it's Toby who has the last laugh when James collides with some tar wagons.

Qagxi2ovsv8dzx8dg5b5many8o4 1x24 – Entgleist

Gordon scorns Henry for the accident that wasn't his fault, but Henry still gets to pull the Express, to his jealousy. Gordon doesn't want to pull freight-cars, so tries to jam the turntable, and sinks himself.

Trzqnzeftx4x6h7yufot4s3583x 1x25 – In der Mine

Thomas still likes to tease Gordon for forcing himself into the ditch. When he disobediently decides to explore a mine past the Danger zone and falls, Gordon is called in to dig him out.

Velbbqc7thpatf66j1xfavews4d 1x26 – Die Weihnachtsfeier

At Christmas, Thomas remembers a friend who saved him and Toby a year ago, so decides with the others to throw her a party in return. But he and Toby have the hard job of trying to help her out of her snowbound house.

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