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1x1 – Hundeherz

Dr. Philip Hansen and his wife agreed to move from Hamburg to Black Forest small town Waldau, but their 'uprooted' kids doubt if the countryside is better to grow up without urban comforts. Mayor Vinzenz Grieshaber reneged on his promise to welcome them, grumbling the new vet won't be what the village needs, but his wife sends junior son Jonas over with the key -without they were locked out) and a cake, which gets spoiled on the tractor. Vinzenz plans to put down aged hunting dog Oswald, but firstborn Jakob warns Jonas in time to hide the dog, and his new classmate, ...

1x2 – Pony in Not

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1x3 – Vogelfrei

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1x4 – Schafskälte

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1x5 – Schlangenbeschwörer

The cool kids make fun in class of shy Paul Baumann when he presents his unusual pet as a harmless python, an heirloom form his father. When he brings it in for a checkup, Dr. Philip Hansen finds it's alas its lethal lookalike, the green mamba, but fearing to have it confiscated, the boy sneaks out, bumps into Jonas and so the serpent escapes. Mayor Vinzenz Grieshaber mobilizes the fire department, whose only major contribution proves the truck.

1x6 – Dickhäuter

All Waldau is excited by the arrival of a small circus. Its star attraction is the elephant Savadi, while director Malafosse's son, acrobat Toni, quickly makes friends among his amused temporary classmates as born entertainer. Dr. Philip Hansen inspects the animal and finds indications its condition is unacceptable, so he bans it performing. The villagers are furious, the kids mount a campaign to feed the colossus, but the next morning it seems left behind in a pasture.

1x7 – Bocksprünge

Classmates Luca and Cem drag Jonas along in a dare-based Boys-girls competition in bravery, which goes badly for them due to bad luck and cheating. Luca gets obsessed with the 'ultimate challenge', cutting the billy-goat's beard at Jonas's farm, but each in term is battered by the beast, which ends up getting wounded and loose, causing a lot of damage. Desperate for social acceptation, Annette joins the all to rustic local straw sculpture competition, on Josefine Grieshaber multiple-winners team.

1x8 – Poltergeist

The Hansen parents dismiss the children's claim to hear a ghost in the attic, and aren't told when the culprit is found and hidden: a wild raccoon, who aptly steals all over the village, hence must be locked out. Dr. Philip Hansen promised to discharge his wife by hiring an actual practice assistant, but airhead intern Emma proves as useless as scared of animals. The news of a feral rogue inspires mayor Vinzenz Grieshaber to set a trap, but only Jonas's pants get caught in it.

1x9 – Waldläufer

Wandering in the Black Forest, the kids spot a roe deer. Playing Hobbits patrol, the boys try their slings on it, Jonas accidentally wounds it. His father Vinzent wants the doe eliminated as it eats his Christmas tree saplings, yet he hates hurting wildlife. Dr. Philip Hansen is caught between fires, as his daughter brings the doe in for help, but the mayor is qualified as municipal huntsman to control and cull problematic game. Jonas's big brother Jacob not only unilaterally invited his girl friend on a fugue, Janine also brought the pet her own folks wouldn't accept...

1x10 – Katzenjammer

While the kids go swimming in a forest pool on a glorious day, they spot a man who throws a bag from his man, which as they feared contains two live kittens. Diving saves only one thanks to doc Hansen, and team Jonas resolves to track down all possible suspects, even not-amused Cem's father plumber Akcay, who proves as innocent as 'cat man' Schott. Focussing on scrap metal dealer and handyman Kolschewsky, the order him instead of the Hansens to repair the pipes Annette foolishly attempted to fix herself. Near-blind crone Niehthammer loses her beloved cat, yet maybe ...

1x11 – Turteltauben

Jonas wonders -so it's not him- who sends Greta romantic messages by pigeon, unlike his mates Luka and Cem, not amused his mother stupidly forces them to allow nerd Paul to tag along. The shake him off cycling fast to the local ruin, where he catches up and is told joining their gang requires a courage hazing test: walking a dauntingly-high beam. Greta can't find out who sent the pigeon, but gets a message to meet her admirer- it's four-eyes Paul, who gets scared off by Jonas, and needs his bird to call for help after falling off the beam practicing on his own.

1x12 – Pferdestärken

Jonas invited Great to admire the drought horse doing the heavy forestry lifting, but his father Vinzenz Grieshaber is tired of being ridiculed as outdated by forester Springmann and borrowed his machine, which he operates, only to end up with his leg caught under a heavy tree. He'll be lucky if the kids can get help from a local and the vet. Annette finally gets a restoration commission, a saint's statue in Waldau curate Hummel's church, but the walls are vandalized by kid daughter Lilie who was hastily left to be babysat by Greta, who believed to by her quiet with ...

1x13 – Schwein gehabt

Mayor Vinzenz Grieshaber's usually hosts the annual town pig breeding contest and wins it, but now his prize swine is missing, so he can't even make the opening. His prime suspect is Greta, who actually welcomed another porcine, but even Jonas refuses to talk to the apparent farm saboteur, yet saves her bacon. Dr. Hansen should rest with flu, but finds the cash for his medication s-was spent on the piglet, which mother now tries to sell to a 'good home'. First-time contender Schäuffele and grumpy farmer Merz's dodgy practices are found out.

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