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3x0 – Valentine's Day

Love is in the air as Zoe and friends go on a quest to find a fabled Maid's Stone. But when rivalry blinds them to danger, it's Raven to the rescue.

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Lalkicxknw0qh8sxu4qndvtg5e8 3x1 – Episode 1

Zoe's cousin from America arrives, a new mayor causes trouble and wild horses show up at Bright Fields.

6tvjrpf2we81jhyw9emcrweku78 3x2 – Episode 2

As the Mayor is hunting down the wild horse, that injured her daughter, Pin and the Bright Fields riders set out to find it first. Everything doesn't go as planned, and Mia takes a bad fall from Firefly. Meanwhile Becky starts up Breakfast Club back at the stables, and Susie begins her internship at the council office.

Euhle7quirubpjtbs4ahsenj7ks 3x3 – Episode 3

Zoe's family comes to the island with a big suprise.

4djnxzosv87jf7nexti7zdw7yow 3x4 – Episode 4

Aaron comes up with a plan to save the wild horses, suggesting a tea party at Pin's castle, where Zoe will make a speech to convince the mayor to protect them. However Zoe's competitive side rears its ugly head, when Gaby trains for the UK's under 18's team tryouts, and Zoe crashes her training, arriving late at the tea party.

Iqmuknjwgbfwaual4cgt2qhwg34 3x5 – Episode 5

Zoe and Pin are thinking about breaking up.

Fsd50wpaarl9o2pvbhvj35alq7f 3x6 – Episode 6

The horses go missing from Brightfields. Zoe and Pin come up with a decision.

Pxafafqldxnq08vn9mffj4voxwd 3x7 – Episode 7

Zoe and Gaby battle in the under 18 try-outs. Jade discovers that all the tags on the wild horses have stopped working. Ariel is still missing. Mia decides to continue riding.

Fo7bleqdxdtmkunfalousbdphvt 3x8 – Episode 8

Gaby, Zoe and Jade follow a lead. Pin is ill. Heather bonds with her mom. The actual horse thief might have been discovered.

Ou2arnt85du4qjw388qrvemscz2 3x9 – Episode 9

Zoe is in doubt if she wants to stay on the island of go home to her family. Jade and Becky figure out why Pin fell ill. Zoe and Gaby find the wild horses and get into trouble.

Hurm2ikajk2ftf0yeqzagnli6vp 3x10 – Episode 10

Pin moves into Zoe's grandpas house with Zoe and her grandpa

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