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C4gd30kh0wkex4ivbujssojzc32 1x1 – The Invisible Hand

After his partner is murdered, Bucharest Detective Gregor Anghel reluctantly teams up with new-to-the-force Detective Joseph Baciu to hunt for the mysterious killer.

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4uvduqwcasihh7ldlfvykjo1wo 1x2 – No Exit

When the case hits a dead end, Gregor must revisit an unpleasant part of his past and in turn a larger and more evil capitalist conspiracy is revealed.

Iibxa562avw4nroggoyhl0kkukw 1x3 – Bread Is Bread

The detectives find themselves in a dangerous cat and mouse game with their strongest suspect yet: a sinister priest in a godless country.

O3pldwkan4epblhafgbnp4ocoko 1x4 – Two Films for One Ticket

Gregor's research into the disturbed American mindset leads him and Joseph to a party at a lecherous movie producer's house where alcohol, girls, and R-rated propaganda films run aplenty.

Lqeg3ydmootdhymwfdcobgwlpax 1x5 – The Whole World Is Watching

Hunted by their own police force, the detectives seek unlikely refuge at the American Embassy and discover that Sonya has been kidnapped.

4cdyheazsmvmxhsftwgmgjihdd0 1x6 – Survival of the Fittest

Gregor and Joseph race to find Sonya before she becomes the Reagan mask's final victim, but in order to save her one of them must die.

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