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1x0 – Marooned

The pilot episode that tells the tale of a tiny ship which set off on a three-hour tour but got caught in a storm and beached on an island. The pilot was filmed in November 1963, and not aired until almost 30 years later.

1q7ydtwet1gbiutilbewsybf3pq 1x1 – Episode 1

Gilligan and the Skipper construct a raft and set out to sea to find help. Back on the island, the remaining castaways are worried about possible headhunters.

5c4c7rzrfpov1epgtc9ud2igcar 1x2 – Episode 2

The castaways fight over their living arrangements as a violent storm approaches the island.

9osox6yin5badomd8aeptvfb8pb 1x3 – Episode 3

After somebody breaks into the supply hut, everyone suspects that a killer may be on the island--except for the Skipper, who thinks that it may be part of a voodoo curse.

2vn5anc4sllc2rdfaoukrq2cfhg 1x4 – Episode 4

The Skipper figures out how to turn the radio into a transmitter in his sleep during a dream, so the other castaways try to get him back to sleep to fix it before a pilot scheduled to fly over the island arrives.

Tzjuszk1gvsexrx2fvbysb6ndv2 1x5 – Episode 5

The castaways discover that famed but long-lost pilot Wrongway Feldman and his plane are on the island. They try to convince him to fly to civilization and rescue them, but he is reluctant to leave the island.

Ybwaeypbfcgxpbxx7wjrrdt3e9k 1x6 – Episode 6

The Skipper and Mr. Howell compete for leadership on the island by being named "President." When the castaways cast their votes, the result is surprising.

Yadhmq3lswobw1du7ht2ycblyit 1x7 – Episode 7

The hungry castaways find a wild duck on the island, but they don't know whether to use it as food or attach a message to him and hope for rescue.

4mrt0bo4d2iuoupvlcs5sfn58ye 1x8 – Episode 8

Gilligan's attempt to turn sap into maple syrup yields a substance that is stronger than glue. The castaways patch up the Minnow and prepare to go back out to sea.

Ltnjsdfoi2t64cezffshku99wu7 1x9 – Episode 9

While Mary Ann, Ginger and the Skipper find the S.S. Minnow's inflatable liferaft in the lagoon, Gilligan and Mr. Howell discover gold in an underground mine on the island.

8uodubhd3pnwmdaqvae9u28v6az 1x10 – Episode 10

The Skipper is convinced he is doomed after he accidentally disturbs the resting place of a vengeful Tiki god, and the only thing that can break the curse is a visit from The Great Watubi.

Dc1tpdthrf4zr71z8d4nokm5qc1 1x11 – Episode 11

Mr. Howell agrees to produce a play on the island to cheer up Ginger, but only makes things worse when he fires Ginger from the lead role and replaces her with Mrs. Howell.

A7qlhvokbu0x6k4rclhdxdjgu0k 1x12 – Episode 12

Gilligan's Christmas wish appears to be coming true when a radio broadcast tells them their rescue is imminent. While they wait, they recall the first days on the island when Gilligan lost the radio and transmitter.

Szrcuugsjcdndlvwh1le6azcod8 1x13 – Episode 13

Everybody wants a piece of Gilligan and his newfound riches after he wins a three million dollar bet with Mr. Howell.

Wzzvat7jwizckxxsyzsaboczd2l 1x14 – Episode 14

The castaways desperately try to find a new water source as they have completely exhausted their current water supply.

5duicfjqecoopqx3clwbvpqr1m0 1x15 – Episode 15

A Japanese soldier arrives on the island, thinks it's still WWII, and holds the castaways prisoner on their own island.

3flkjm2eisneohrx4rjm9vgqr5j 1x16 – Episode 16

Both Gilligan and Mr. Howell lay claim to a treasure chest that Gilligan dug up while working for Mr. Howell. The professor offers to settle ownership once and for all with a trial.

1aka8d8uw4cxikb4br4fufwp97y 1x17 – Episode 17

A bank robber comes to the island to hide from the authorities and holds the castaways prisoner while he waits for his boat after his cover is blown.

Rjwewm9qph5sejcrbuzcl6qkr2 1x18 – Episode 18

The Pentagon is set to launch a new deadly missile that will destroy everything within 100 miles of its path, and the island is ground zero.

Rc7vnvxpnm9jvinf6uhl6wqf1dw 1x19 – Episode 19

Gilligan finds a young jungle boy on the island, as well as a helium supply that the professor plans to use to get rescued with a makeshift hot-air balloon.

5oxa8pm6tyttzrsvqltq7nklvzq 1x20 – Episode 20

The women on the island feel disrespected, so they decide to go off on their own without the help of the men. But which side will cave in first and admit that they need or miss the other?

6uimitlxhchglzbf3vhgqvjb1q6 1x21 – Episode 21

A surfer arrives on the island, and the castaways try to encourage to head back to Hawaii and rescue them. However, he is more interested in making moves on Ginger and Mary Ann than getting back in a hurry.

G03xdhetgmrrn8qhuwmwzgdv4xn 1x22 – Episode 22

A gorilla steals Mrs. Howell's diamond brooch, and while Mr. Howell offers a reward to the other castaways for finding it, the gorilla kidnaps Mrs. Howell too.

Cs708m6d1pqy9qr6s4yiz0cjibu 1x23 – Episode 23

Gilligan is jealous of the Skipper when he saves Mary Ann from drowning. But he may get his chance to be a hero yet when a headhunter takes the other castaways prisoner.

4jikr0s0ssoraubblxy7qhjkoas 1x24 – Episode 24

Wrongway Feldman returns to the island not to rescue the castaways, but to make the island his permanent home. As a result, the castaways try to trick him into returning to Hawaii and rescuing them.

Monptitmqc4pocw2tpts31vptkc 1x25 – Episode 25

Mrs. Howell decides to play matchmaker for Gilligan and Mary Ann, but her efforts inadvertently create a rift between Mr. Howell and herself.

Hnoygdlghqgbyfncd82j4452647 1x26 – Episode 26

The castaways form a band for entertainment and diversion. But Gilligan's drumbeats are mistaken by tribes on other islands as a declaration of war.

Lnmjywb35ifj1wnqxrtfr73geta 1x27 – Episode 27

The castaways are scared that a group of gangsters are on the island, but it turns out just to be a parrot who also squawks wildly when he hears the words "boat" and "jewel."

Wtsfa7w4ijtwhcxoho1lonvmzol 1x28 – Episode 28

Gilligan is forced to become the Howells' man-servant when the Skipper loses a bet to Mr. Howell in a turtle race.

4v3pfvncwdmvdk7wepi2w1cspcc 1x29 – Episode 29

The Skipper believes that Gilligan has found "The Eye of the Idol," which gives him three wishes before sundown. However, the Professor believes it is just a silly superstition and just an ordinary cat's eye.

Mmxzjht01oaiztjuytcoivpbb6c 1x30 – Episode 30

A blow to the head gives the Skipper amnesia. The Professor tries to cure him through hypnosis, but he winds up believing that the other castaways are Japanese soldiers.

7htmmv9mdmjtmgjujzjvbxove38 1x31 – Episode 31

Everyone becomes suspicious of Gilligan when they discover that he's been keeping a diary, and they respond by creating their own written accounts of how they saved Gilligan from the Japanese soldier.

7uyodzzxbznyxpzqc5vp8xgyhvn 1x32 – Episode 32

The professor makes a dye marker to help get rescued. The Skipper plans to join the Navy when they get home, but he finds out he must lose weight to meet their requirements--and Gilligan finds out that he must gain weight too.

Pyt1xbi7co0uzunt1zujcqnl5aa 1x33 – Episode 33

While fishing, Gilligan reels in a magician's chest from the lagoon. But eventually Gilligan overhears that everybody is fed up with his unsuccessful attempts at magic, and he decides to run away.

3kuzcecn5zopk5lkcwq94makncu 1x34 – Episode 34

The castaways discover that a celebrated, eccentric artist is on the island, and they try to trick him into wanting to return to civilization so that they can use his transmitter.

Nqj7ggd8mycnxfjkvwulweoscp1 1x35 – Episode 35

After Gilligan saves Mrs. Howell's life, the Howells adopt him as their son. But Gilligan soon discovers that life as "Gilligan Thurston Howell IV" is not all it's cracked up to be.

O4ywycxihebjj9xw8n1biu4zsr 1x36 – Episode 36

Gilligan's nose is badly swollen after he falls from a coconut tree. The professor swears the swelling will go down in a few days, but Gilligan wants the professor to operate and give him a new nose.

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