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V7akj6fftej5ahzjk81lcsbmkwy 2x1 – Episode 1

A native chief's daughter comes to the island with her family and wants to marry Gilligan, but first he must pass the "marriage test"--which becomes more complicated when another suitor arrives and challenges Gilligan for her hand.

9wbf1zt6ociflorjykmg2fzaxsn 2x2 – Episode 2

Ginger, Mary Ann, and Mrs Howell decide to hold a beauty contest to see who will be named "Miss Castaway." Gilligan has to cast the deciding vote, so everybody else tries to influence his vote.

Qqak4swcjw3ikmnwe9yt9sbutnc 2x3 – Episode 3

A Latin American dictator is exiled to the island, and he immediately declares himself dictator of the island, with Gilligan as his puppet leader in training.

1fryshaozlku8rrb7ngxtbn5lay 2x4 – Episode 4

A satellite bound for Mars lands on the island. The castaways hope to use it to provide visual evidence to the world that they are still alive.

Ab8xnfbzxdta9q0dchfnl5qtchn 2x5 – Episode 5

Gilligan wins a million-dollar sweepstakes and is invited to the Howell's country club. After feeling lonely he issues IOUs to the others so they may also attend. He quickly misplaces the winning ticket and they all get evicted.

7rwqoyoxwehx7zdywmkr9ahpqas 2x6 – Episode 6

The professor's data indicates that the island is sinking, but the men don't want to break the news to the women, who have the men in the middle of a landscaping project.

Vpor7gpou74lrk8ril74cvvanur 2x7 – Episode 7

The castaways find two crates of silent film equipment in a sunken boat in the lagoon. The Professor then comes up with the idea to make a film telling their story, send it out on a raft, and hope for rescue.

Cnkitewpk8m5j6wsygjf5xdcn6h 2x8 – Episode 8

A Howell Industries stock collapse leaves the Howells broke. The fellow castaways try to cheer them up and try to teach them how to live like the working class.

26yuvtxejntqggfy7uouqrd5wke 2x9 – Episode 9

Two Soviet cosmonauts land on the island, way off course from their target. The castaways hope to leave the island with them when they call their submarine, but the cosmonauts have other ideas.

1mkq455r24ghjaffqu2gjd4omob 2x10 – Episode 10

While the castaways take precautions against a coming typhoon, an accidental blow to the head causes Gilligan's mouth to act as a radio receiver.

Ezcwtympxrpqwuxiqfhrngfbhct 2x11 – Episode 11

The Skipper trains Gilligan to be his replacement leader in case he is captured by savages. But when The Skipper is actually captured by savages, can Gilligan actually take control?

Brihrkanaewxp0hz9uhczljrlhq 2x12 – Episode 12

The rock band "The Mosquitoes" arrive on the island for some much-needed R&R. But the castaways try to make their lives miserable so they'll want to leave--and take them with them.

Edwehk3xvu2l9erwvrtstrw6gea 2x13 – Episode 13

After Gilligan is bitten by a rare, deadly insect, The Professor informs him that he has 24 hours left to live.

Xpebpy6ygkzdrjl6ttzl17ddaqj 2x14 – Episode 14

While The Professor tries to round up enough metal to make an anchor for a raft with an S.O.S. message attached to it, Gilligan reels in a World War II underwater mine from the lagoon.

Tiqodgl0molwn3wx7kzhrzbg1dh 2x15 – Episode 15

Beautiful socialite Erika Tiffany-Smith arrives and wants to buy the island to build a resort. The Skipper falls for her and tries to impress her, but she only has eyes for The Professor.

Nwpcjq4jdhruncxa8vha1wz6gmp 2x16 – Episode 16

The castaways discover that they are all wanted for questioning in a murder that took place right before they left Hawaii.

Tcgwkwrlhpzxep5gpodrijcntxs 2x17 – Episode 17

A telephone cable washes up on the island after a bad storm. The castaways try to use it to call home for help.

Wty5snuct3c1j76xisozc7u1h7y 2x18 – Episode 18

The bachelors on the island try to cheer Mary Ann up after they hear on the radio that her boyfriend is marrying someone else. However, Mary Ann misreads their intentions and concludes that she is dying from eating poisonous mushrooms.

Mxvvygggjj8cpdfyy0hic6yibzw 2x19 – Episode 19

Gilligan finds sunflower seeds on the island that gives him the ability to read minds, and when the fellow castaways find out, they want in on the action.

J0vrqubi7idppomjzqchzm2qqvs 2x20 – Episode 20

When everybody mistakenly believes that The Skipper wasn't invited to the Howells' cotillion, they hold a masquerade party of their own and don't invite the Howells.

Fadrcnzcedtzm4aszsbtth0c1wn 2x21 – Episode 21

The castaways try to find a way to get a robot who has landed on the island to provide them with their rescue.

Gc5t7vys4n0show8hqx7uuj36o5 2x22 – Episode 22

The castaways form a military unit led by Mr. Howell when an unidentified enemy begins attacking them with hand grenades.

Nmcbefn1gs6pvuckbefiniaigw 2x23 – Episode 23

The Professor believes the castaways may be beginning to suffer from "Island Madness," so he convinces Ginger to use her "psychic powers" to convince them that a boat is coming to rescue them.

Mkaahq2ar33hmcsbdme4ydhpfxu 2x24 – Episode 24

A crate containing a lion bound for a zoo washes up on the island. But while the other castaways are scared for their lives, the lion immediately makes a bond with Gilligan.

Ga4t6o3yshvxrtv0spwb6aj2rvs 2x25 – Episode 25

Gilligan discovers an underground source of hot water on the island, but The Professor soon learns that the source of the hot water is an active volcano on the other side of the island.

Jyp6iur8fj8rkhtnkyemh4hqhmj 2x26 – Episode 26

An impostor posing as Mr. Howell claims to having been rescued and begins selling off Mr. Howell's stocks. The real Mr. Howell offers his fellow castaways a hefty reward to get him off the island and save his fortune.

Seyfrukha2cwgdnfsdy9x48oone 2x27 – Episode 27

A ghost on the island has the castaways scared for their lives, but it actually gives them a boat so that they can get off the island.

Ggti6yzda5vxebigabeptqrez7o 2x28 – Episode 28

Gilligan moves to the other side of the island when the other castaways suddenly become allergic to him.

4jz28oggfjplsdbborwfcgu77vc 2x29 – Episode 29

A mad scientist invites the castaways to his island, where he hopes to conduct strange experiments on them.

Gjqp8uwlpqm8fi9tc1zjie6ccb4 2x30 – Episode 30

The Professor tells his fellow castaways that if they don't find a way to grow more oranges and other fruits on the island, they risk dying from vitamin deficiencies.

7iw3td9ff87kigxt33rcopwpv20 2x31 – Episode 31

The Howells discover that they are not legally married. But as The Skipper prepares to marry them in the lagoon, a fight causes them to call off the wedding altogether.

Slaikklzsvgwva8lna8dreqbafb 2x32 – Episode 32

A meteor crashes onto the island. The Professor soon concludes that the meteor's cosmic rays are accelerating the aging process on the island, and that the castaways will die of old age in one week.

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