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Xsf5jc7att5ccgxgezb2xamppmo 3x1 – Episode 1

After a bat bites Gilligan in the neck in a cave, he is convinced that he will become a vampire and moves away to save his fellow castaways.

Klnfvi8pizguh5bcqkvphqzwthx 3x2 – Episode 2

A Russian agent who looks and dresses exactly like Gilligan holds Gilligan captive and questions the castaways about their activities. However, nobody believes Gilligan's story and they accuse him of causing all the mischief.

C1pqilrkcw97dvmalb2mforwesp 3x3 – Episode 3

Gilligan reels in a crate of vegetable seeds from the lagoon, but fails to notice the warning on the crate that the seeds are radioactive.

K36ycnz1nrljycvenvtrw32ba7 3x4 – Episode 4

A Hollywood producer lands on the island and is unimpressed with Ginger's acting abilities, so the castaways put on their own production of "Hamlet" to get the producer's attention.

Kivwgtyx7owjubesqkxxceaj7xd 3x5 – Episode 5

A witch doctor wreaks havoc on the castaways after he steals a personal item from each of them and then creates voodoo dolls that bear their likenesses.

Twfkxlnmsgf1djiabuxuklnmopx 3x6 – Episode 6

Mr. Howell names the other castaways as beneficiaries in his will. But he then fears they may be trying to kill him for their inheritance, when in reality they are throwing a surprise party for him.

3mnkjx48nfi7nq5vjjsdvdkvbsm 3x7 – Episode 7

A famed butterfly collector comes to the island in search of the rare "Pussycat Swallowtail," and the castaways try to help him find it so he will shoot his flare gun and rescue them.

Itxao288amyt0xyhyeb8dyn9pyg 3x8 – Episode 8

Gilligan believes he has become an old man after his hair turns completely white overnight, but The Professor's solution only makes things worse when his hair completely falls out.

4qfafwqsgp8crj2xpf2b2ylatjf 3x9 – Episode 9

Mad scientist Boris Balinkoff returns to the island with a new invention that turns the castaways into "human robots," whom he plans to use to commit the ultimate crime.

Uawhuvznc8glciuplpr0eyczhrj 3x10 – Episode 10

While the castaways prepare for a possible attack from headhunters, Gilligan hits his head on a tree and begins seeing things upside down. The Professor prepares a cure for him, but it only makes him see double instead.

K6vfimrdqcxnmecatedtzdmp3lh 3x11 – Episode 11

Gilligan and The Skipper find a government briefcase with top-secret information in the lagoon, and when Gilligan handcuffs himself to the briefcase, he becomes afraid that the enemy will come to the island and kill him.

Bexlzofdckgc1zhp2srts2wdmjg 3x12 – Episode 12

A smooth-talking criminal comes to the island and holds the women on the island hostage in exchange for ransom money, but when he is captured they decide to try and reform him instead of holding him prisoner.

Ki8setxromulymhhe3m3oqbxvlg 3x13 – Episode 13

The castaways start disappearing one by one, and when the remaining castaways discover that headhunters have not taken them, Gilligan begins to think he's a "Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde" and has killed them all.

Yryhglqkzii6vvffnb7ywxksdqa 3x14 – Episode 14

An unattractive and lovelorn woman named Eva Grubb comes to the island to escape civilization and offers the castaways her boat. But before they can leave, the women give her a makeover and turn her into a Ginger Grant lookalike.

4naup2i3um5qh1b5o9gf3ntavlf 3x15 – Episode 15

The Skipper is named "sheriff" of the island, with Gilligan as his deputy. But when The Skipper is away helping The Professor, Gilligan becomes drunk with power and throws everyone in jail.

Nzurodcfxehcfblxjr5mzezy41h 3x16 – Episode 16

A game show contestant comes to the island and can win $10,000 if he can survive one week without outside assistance, so he refuses to let the castaways use his transmitter because he would have to forfeit the prize.

7wsri4vpcuz9d7y9duaunjdueba 3x17 – Episode 17

The Professor recreates the Minnow voyage to disprove a Maritime Board charge that The Skipper was responsible for the wreck of the Minnow, but their efforts prove that the person to blame for the wreck is actually Gilligan.

Zz08ua0ii5buezkxk0eyggwkikj 3x18 – Episode 18

A big-game hunter arrives on the island. Upon learning there is nothing on the island to hunt, he chooses instead to hunt one of the castaways--and he chooses Gilligan.

Eergqt42is0bl37yxxukskayn4i 3x19 – Episode 19

Mr. Howell becomes outraged and jealous when he discovers that a secret admirer is sending letters to Mrs. Howell. But everyone is even more shocked when they discover that he's the one who's sending them.

Grurfqzsshirjohz2hhotrrtjnf 3x20 – Episode 20

An "ape man" wreaks havoc on the island and frightens the castaways. But little do they know that he's actually a Hollywood actor preparing for a role.

1qa5vbr5teqsol48purqoojnt3o 3x21 – Episode 21

Gilligan's body conducts electricity after he is struck by lightning with a bowling ball in his hand. But when The Professor tries to remove the bowling ball from Gilligan's hand, a second lightning strike makes him invisible.

Ufligtknvdqly3syse5djmcnhxk 3x22 – Episode 22

The castaways try to contact two astronauts in a space capsule orbiting over the island, but they fail. However, they may get a second chance when an unmanned capsule they are trying to make contact with lands on the island.

4mnrxw1azlvbk6ri8kifpsrq4xk 3x23 – Episode 23

The castaways find a headhunter tribe's totem pole on the island. The head on the top of it bears an uncanny resemblance to Gilligan--which comes in handy when the headhunters return to the island.

579rnutxbynhwnz5rdusbynlyhs 3x24 – Episode 24

After Mary Ann watches Ginger perform on the island she hits her head giving her amnesia thus believing that she is Ginger Grant.

4rgwugtdutxvylaxiaiioufvsk8 3x25 – Episode 25

The castaways find parts of an ancient Hieroglyphic stone tablet that may tell them the way to get off the island.

Xrmvhsi68nzddtuf37v2mrizzhs 3x26 – Episode 26

Gilligan rescues a native woman from drowning, which according her custom makes her his slave. But soon a fellow tribesman comes to the island and challenges Gilligan for her in a fight to the death.

Xhxjphhipepczlz0qzlrofdctnm 3x27 – Episode 27

A missing military jet pack washes up on the island, and The Professor tries to figure out a way to use it for their rescue.

Iufsbakbgfohkpx5bz8yxdnckel 3x28 – Episode 28

The castaways attach a message to a homing pigeon that has flown off course and landed on the island, but the man who receives their message thinks it's part of a practical joke.

1d9r7cvbj8fs6bysfvhtun3ojkd 3x29 – Episode 29

A lost crate containing a top-secret clay that can be converted to explosives washes up on the island. Not knowing what it is, they make several items with it--including Gilligan's new tooth fillings.

Nqlumofbpqtkp2aosvsnz4g9nik 3x30 – Episode 30

A king from a nearby island comes to the island in search of a "White Goddess" to sacrifice to a volcano, but the castaways offer Gilligan to him instead to protect the women.

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