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1x1 – Muttamorphosis
1x2 – Pet Project
1x3 – Movin' on Pup/Escaping Dog Trick
1x4 – A Lick Is Still a Kiss
1x5 – Let Sleep-Over Dogs Lie/Costume Pity Party

Scott and Leonard go to their first sleep-over. Leonard doesn't want to wear a costume because some bully picked on him a year ago that Halloween. After hearing that story, Mr. Jolly starts to cry so much that he ends up dehydrating himself!

1x6 – Scott's Honor

Scott joins the Junior Boy Rangers.

1x7 – Fifi
1x8 – Bad to the Bone/Always Knock the Postman Twice
1x9 – Episode #1.9
1x10 – Episode #1.10
1x11 – Episode #1.11
1x12 – Episode #1.12
1x13 – Episode #1.13
1x14 – Saving Mr. Jolly/Rule of Paw
1x15 – Being Mrs. Leadready
1x26 – Taint Valentine's Day

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