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Netflix Magenta tv
Nqxf6bzysh4htxwlmsorlhxzl1 1x1 – Episode 1

Raven sends the Titans on a quest to find ingredients for a magical sandwich.But By the time the ingredients are brought together silkie eats the magical sandwich.

Hzbce2dhdw7nkbh9vscgsrbq6wa 1x2 – Episode 2

Cyborg's birthday is coming up, and Beast Boy takes a job at their favorite pie shop so he can afford an expensive gift. But when he has to work during Cyborg's party, his job threatens to come between the two pie bros.

1c7yliaxe2ixrgohumiazitvdb7 1x3 – Episode 3

Robin takes driver's ed, and his teacher has some tricks up his sleeve; Raven's dad cozies up to her friends in hopes of luring her over to the dark side.

Lqav6r9k4iag9em2mvt0vxkzygw 1x4 – Episode 4

Raven's demon dad, Trigon, comes to visit, and wins over her friends in an effort to get her to embrace dark magic and become evil like him.

3gteplvb8k97am1xdhyjvxmpzwr 1x5 – Episode 5

Cyborg has Raven create doubles of himself and Beast Boy.; To go on a date with Starfire, Robin kidnaps Speedy.

65bfdkyobilwrfeeijzlz9iunkp 1x6 – Episode 6

Robin gets up the courage to ask Starfire on a date, only to find that she has already agreed to go out with Speedy, Robin's arch-rival...so Robin kidnaps Speedy!

O9bfrauaqr31xlht2fjabxteg2y 1x7 – Episode 7

The Titans try to get Robin to relax after his uptight nature starts affecting the other members of the team. In the second part, chores around the Tower aren't getting done and each Titan blames the other members for the mess.

Vguuvhzxzm4jbibadv4mfklucfj 1x8 – Episode 8

Nobody wants to wash the Titans' gross dirty uniforms. Raven volunteers, using her magic, which brings the uniforms to life and turns them against the Titans.

Xgeobuzwtlvwozqa7nigv3l6rq1 1x9 – Episode 9

Beast Boy pretends to be a ghost haunting Starfire so she will do his bidding. When she figures out the ruse, she and the other Titans convince Beast Boy that he's actually dead.

Jhinh2sjj2hilmjeydafgvzmyql 1x10 – Episode 10

The gang agrees to take on the responsibility of babysitting Silkie, but they end up losing the slimy little fellow who ends up in Mexico, having an exciting telenovella adventure.

Gbpgsoemmxclz1atq3acmwl0wht 1x11 – Episode 11

Beast boy and Cyborg find that a pizza place has a policy that says if it's not delivered by a certain time it's free. They try every way they can think of to slow down the delivery person, but things aren't as easy as they thought.

7pp9yq0tjxffediuxbvcnkc9lbq 1x12 – Episode 12

Beast Boy turns into a loud, obnoxious gorilla and refuses to change back, driving Robin crazy. Gorilla Beast Boy takes over the leadership of the Titans, which leads to chaos.

43oshschlaocdkc61trypvxyfti 1x13 – Episode 13

Robin, Beastboy and Cyborg decide to have a crazy Boys' Night Out without Starfire. Starfire brings Raven along to break Jinx out of jail to have a Girl's Night Out ; Beast Boy's indecisiveness causes him to be fired from the Teen Titans and the Teen Titans have to find a replacement Titan member, ranging from Vixen, B'wana Beast, Detective Chimp, and the Wonder Twins.

Y6i313hhjlqw5swihlodszqbqxy 1x14 – Episode 14

Beast Boy's poor job performance leads to his being fired from the Titans. After auditioning possible replacements, they hire a pair of shape-shifting twins to take Beast Boy's place.

Vdmty0ftuxugi1mlkarydtptrpe 1x15 – Episode 15

Envious of the other Titans' powers, Robin convinces Raven to use her magic to give him powers, despite her warnings that it could ruin his life.

Iwmlmfaz7mfixidzc4tkcqnfvkf 1x16 – Episode 16

Cyborg shorts out when he gets wet, so the others disassemble him to dry. When they can't figure out how to reassemble him, they upload Cyborg into the Tower's main computer.

4wvyf1lzy2wgkekn8uig0xuhxpk 1x17 – Episode 17

Starfire is infected by a sentient, telepathic parasite. Robin panics over the situation but learns many valuable lessons.

337rl7prtrvomqaprwgpb0mc2b5 1x18 – Episode 18

When Starfire is the only Titan invited to the Titans East Annual Dance Party, Beast Boy teaches her how to lie so that she can spare the other Titans' feelings - but her lies turn all of the Titans against each other.

Qomb3pah1zbib9ujxmkvikabj00 1x19 – Episode 19

While trying to entice Raven into joining a meatball party, Cyborg fires a half-meat, half-robot mystery meatball into her mouth, cracking her tooth and releasing the demon octopus that lives in her mouth.

2acifosoith74aamsymethjeiih 1x20 – Episode 20

Robin's beloved staff is broken by the other Titans, so he goes on a perilous quest to the ancient Universe Tree to find a new magic staff to replace it.

Rlfxddemc3fimsaergc5qoqtek0 1x21 – Episode 21

Beast Boy thinks the villainess Terra is his new girlfriend, but she is just using him to gain access to all of the Titans' secrets. Only Raven suspects Terra, but the others just think that Raven is jealous.

Ncljwqqirlqhxisv4fch1p5xujd 1x22 – Episode 22

The Titans confidently expect to win an upcoming dodgeball championship, even though the only thing they ever practice is their victory dance. Then they come up against an unbeatable dodge ball team - the H.I.V.E.

Hup3hrn2p6kvjdt3dljdc2bx0ta 1x23 – Episode 23

Cyborg and Beast Boy are in perfect sync, except when it comes to their taste in food. What's the best food ever created, burgers or burritos? The two friends have an all-out competition to settle things once and for all.

E2oihmqpym16emokvctv2nefpdo 1x24 – Episode 24

Cyborg's Love Matcher 5000 program pairs Raven with Beast Boy and Starfire with Aquaman. While Beast Boy does everything he can to get Raven to love him, Robin tries to be more like Aquaman to win Starfire's heart.

Wiix2nyjovfwjgdcf2uctacyx0s 1x25 – Episode 25

A mysterious prism creates five Ravens, each of a different color and with a different aspect of her personality, disrupting life in the Tower.

9jk1umywz2thkam5gxeyn7exfpi 1x26 – Episode 26

Cyborg creates a huge robot powered by all five Titans, each of whom controls a different body part. Robin gripes about being the left leg and makes improvements to his section.

Qeaowbpig0i7gq5jcmg7fe7bevk 1x27 – Episode 27

The Titans discover the wonders of reading ... but after opening a book that brings their thoughts to life, they must fight their own imaginations!

Nkiqwmthbyb24fzfjdpympft8cs 1x28 – Episode 28

Cyborg and Beast Boy love lazy Sundays sitting on the couch ... even when it's a Tuesday! But when Robin replaces the couch with a treadmill, the two lazy teens must embrace the new active lifestyle.

78hmvp2z4v8wf8zes4mgaebc75k 1x29 – Episode 29

Starfire turns evil so she can become Robin's arch enemy and make him eligible as the greatest superhero ever.

1x30 – Episode 30

Robin gets carried away when he and Cyborg start merging their powers and tech into cool Power Moves. He moves into Cyborg's body and refuses to leave.

Vhe3cgdo2tvysv25wkjyoj7r2lw 1x31 – Episode 31

Cyborg and Beast Boy have a staring contest that lasts 30 years, bringing them face to face with a future of adulthood and responsibility - and they hate it.

Igrlxxltinztc6tuwomnkyy8xii 1x32 – Episode 32

Feeling the other Titans depend too much on their super powers, Robin challenges them to go 24 hours without using their powers. To his distress, they all succeed, leading him to question his own value to the team.

Fnx0pnrhicsyionuakaprsffgtk 1x33 – Episode 33

Robin gets called to the Batcave, but it is only to be a house sitter while Batman is away. The other Titans show up and tease Robin about his sidekick status.

8mwqqywbjhtsyz3ykb8rehutkro 1x34 – Episode 34

After their "bro-cation" - a vacation just for the bros - Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin return closer than ever ... but their bro-mentum is interrupted by Dr. Light. Teen Titans Bro!

3c7z3cmsvu330gsbrlviynpnvsc 1x35 – Episode 35

Upset that Christmas is over, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy trick Starfire into believing that there is such a thing as a second Christmas with a "second Santa."

Irzgjxdp5fgxdasgeli7xbqgerp 1x36 – Episode 36

Raven succumbs to pressure to use her magic to solve problems around the Tower, but becomes more and more evil with each spell.

5gmcrnri8ursfu7sgvjwlif7ays 1x37 – Episode 37

After the Titans take away her cloak as a joke, Raven finds it fun to use her legs. Meanwhile, Cyborg becomes dark and sarcastic after Raven's cloak gets stuck on his head.

Uqnuk8qqpcesp1fzgugzbzu6hwg 1x38 – Episode 38

Starfire has an epiphany and convinces her fellow Titans to join her in living lives of peace and nonviolence.

Hpgq1dx0xqk4or2ck9quwi4weqn 1x39 – Episode 39

Cyborg and Beast Boy show their love of waffles by making it the only word they say, much to the annoyance of the other Titans.

A3deqelshnuc5awz88pqkxpd4jy 1x40 – Episode 40

Beast Boy helps Terra escape the dimension she was banished to and once again continues his romantic pursuit of her. But Terra only has revenge on her mind and plans to destroy all the Titans on Valentine's Day.

Pxkcy1joacsrdnq7qzaobdllabi 1x41 – Episode 41

Cyborg and Jinx fall for each other and carry on an illicit good/evil romance, even though the Titans and H.I.V.E. disapprove.

Cgf1fya6ns2j4ochpoi2nhdqvmp 1x42 – Episode 42

Robin removes two mockingbirds from the chimney with a gas he created in his lab. But the chemicals mutate the birds into muscular bullies who then move into the tower.

Zozqqnwqewrxw0swl98rnoiua9m 1x43 – Episode 43

Beast Boy is tired of being the least intelligent of the Titans. When all of his efforts to get smart fail, he uses Raven's spell book to cast a spell - not to make himself smarter, but to make all of the other Titans dumber.

B3jwhdsdwiqkqzxyakev3zhxqly 1x44 – Episode 44

Robin dresses up as Red X to infiltrate the Hive Five and blow up their headquarters, but the plan changes once Robin discovers how awesome it is there. Soon all the Titans want in the HIVE.

Btufin8vrn4ecdfwwja386acg3w 1x45 – Episode 45

Tired of being the only one of the Titans without a little buddy sidekick, Cyborg adopts Brother Blood's henchman, PainBot, and sneaks him into the tower. Now Cyborg just has to keep PainBot from harming the other Titans.

Dbr3aav1wchaf81bmpcijnkcbny 1x46 – Episode 46

Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin return Silkie to Killer Moth to collect a cash reward. Starfire is devastated until she sees Killer Moth might love Silkie just as much as she does.

Ct8kmt2x3ehmzkyfith2flzivmt 1x47 – Episode 47

Hoping to learn how to be actually funny - unlike Robin who can only tell "uncle jokes" - Starfire asks to join Cyborg and Beast Boy's twosome. Robin is upset as he feels this throws off the balance of the Tower and goes to the extreme to deal with it.

Irka2udjcqmuhrzqahxdsjo1qsm 1x48 – Episode 48

Mas y Menos visit the tower to get superhero lessons from Robin. The twins become fast friends with the other Titans, but Robin just wants to focus on the training.

Agnl71ec4hevkziip6ur1btta8f 1x49 – Episode 49

After an exciting night of crime fighting, the Titans go to sleep and each one has unique dreams.

Wyqe3yqwdpfk8ucjyesntjuizo 1x50 – Episode 50

In order to defeat Mother Mae Eye, Cyborg starts using a grandma voice, but soon that persona takes over and he begins making the other Titans dress warmly and clean their dishes.

Yoqqkhpcjscsyg0pvlyakkdt33u 1x51 – Episode 51

Robin starts performing magic tricks after seeing the Amazing Mumbo Jumbo, much to the delight of the other Titans - except Raven, who warns Robin that doing lame tricks will upset the Magic God.

1x52 – Episode 52

Robin makes marionette versions of the other Titans as a way to deal with their lack of respect. However, he takes things a little too far when he wishes the real Titans were more like his puppets and The Puppet Wizard grants his wish.

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