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1x1 – The Green

A man falls in love with an artificial vagina, Roy becomes obsessed with a video game, and a cult leader struggles to keep his followers interested in his revelations.

1x2 – Shovels Are for Digging

In this animated sketch series, a suicidal chicken interrupts a wedding, Ricky the Rocketship's educational trip to the moon with eager children goes horribly awry, and the aliens have to sleep with Jeff's mom to cure her cancer.

1x3 – Ahhh, Serenity

In this animated sketch series, a magical wheelchair takes a child on a debauched trip to Paris, "Dick Genie" helps Billy pursue his crush, and Freddy Kreuger turns wet dreams into wet nightmares.

1x4 – Game Over

In this animated sketch series, a man dates a talking fleshlight, aliens force Jeff to live as his ex-girlfriend for a day, and a birthday girl gets very excited about her new pony.

1x5 – Crossing the Line

In this animated sketch series, a drunk rhino tries to get into a wine tasting, a charity organization solves world hunger by making a giant burrito, and a number of ruthless pranks are played on Gary in "Suck It, Gary."

1x6 – Candy Van Finger Bang

In this animated sketch series, Dick Genie helps Billy lose his virginity, an old Chinese man tries to find a "Reverse Mail Order Bride" from the US, Bethiffer attempts to give boners to her crush, and TripTank receptionist Ben is kidnapped.

1x7 – Roy & Ben's Day Off

In this animated sketch series, Larry David has lunch with Larry Flynt, an "Animal Hitman" takes out various pets, and Gary's day out playing mini-golf with his son is interrupted by pranks on "Suck It, Gary."

1x8 – XXX Overload

In this animated sketch series, Jeff must find someone to have sex with to prevent aliens from destroying the planet, a doctor performs magic tricks while delivering babies, and Bethiffer tries out a virtual reality video game.

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