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1x1 – Der Mann aus Philadelphia

Ex member of Royal Canadian Mounted Police who joined the DEA but got fired, moves to a beach resort town in Florida and opens a detective agency with a spunky ginger local tourist agent. They help a cop from Philly to find a killer.

1x2 – Vogeldiebe

Nick and Sylvie help animal activist stop a group of dangerous animal smugglers.

1x3 – Tod am Strand

Nick and Sylvie talk about how they met. Sylvie hired him to help her find a yacht she rented to a man who went missing along with the boat.

1x4 – Schneller als das FBI

A man hires Nick to locate his brother because their mother is dying. When Nick finds him, the man claims that he has no brother and his mother is already dead. That's when the man who hired him and pulls a gun and takes him with him. Nick later learns that the man he was looking for was in witness protection and the man who hired him is a hit man sent to take care of him.

1x5 – Glücksspiele

A businessman is opening a casino with his shady partners. Sylvie falls in love with him and leaves her detective job to work for him. What she doesn't realize is that she's just a chip in a deadly game.

1x6 – Doppeltes Spiel

A meek owner of a company that deals with diamonds, hires Nick and Sylvie to find out if his hot unhappy flirty wife is having an affair. When her angry lover murders her in front of Nick and Sylvie's eyes, it's all clear. Or is it?

1x7 – Betörender Duft

Ian, the owner of the small popular local beach bar Tropical Heat and Nick's friend, convinces Nick to help a pretty woman with amnesia who he just met. The more they find out about her past, the less she wants to remember it.

1x8 – Der 50.000-Dollar-Song

Ian's old girlfriend and former band mate shows up out of nowhere. She needs money, so she wants him to sell the rights to their band's hit songs. Is she really in dire need or is there something else going on?

1x9 – Marissa

A strange woman hires Nick to stop her husband who wants to murder her. However, after some investigating, Nick finds evidence that she might be insane. But what if she isn't?

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