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Zwypxq9ifxs7diuag5h9ppido0x 1x1 – Pilot

The vampires try to plan a lavish bloodfeast in honor of a visit by their ancient master from the Old Country.

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Mxz90qsbnehzh3g1m2uasueorim 1x2 – City Council

The vampires get embroiled in local Staten Island politics as their first step to world domination.

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6hlc1cm3xj1sw7y085dipn0bwrl 1x3 – Werewolf Feud

The fragile truce between the vampires and Staten Island’s werewolves is tested, and Colin Robinson finds romance with a new co-worker.

Vs496mwi85sbqv6y3icborq6zz2 1x4 – Manhattan Night Club

The vampires venture into Manhattan, to make an alliance with an old friend who is now the king of the Manhattan vampires.

Skb2qffyojnkylhdk7wiuomvtl1 1x5 – Folge 5

Lazslo, in bat form, is captured by Staten Island Animal Control and must be rescued, while Nadja can no longer resist reconnecting with her reincarnated lover Gregor.

1x6 – Baron's Night Out

The Baron awakens from his slumber and demands to experience the wonders of the New World in a night out in the town.

1x7 – The Trial

The vampires must defend themselves as an international vampire tribunal gathers to judge them for their transgressions.

1x8 – Citizenship

Nadja trains Jenna on how to take her first victim, and Nandor applies for American citizenship.

1x9 – Episode #1.9

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1x10 – Episode #1.10

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