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Wyxnixjh8ksdhocyy8cmcgusql6 1x1 – Episode 1

When his son is involved in a tragic accident, a judge is faced with an impossible decision that will impact his family forever. A birthday gift from a dangerous crime lord and his wife puts their son on a collision course with tragedy.

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Ge6jtelivfq55iqa76fq6psjiwj 1x2 – Episode 2

On the anniversary of his wife's death, Michael and Adam create an alibi for the day of the accident. A favor for Michael pulls his close friends Charlie and Lee into the web of deception. Kofi gets approached about a job.

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3csdjirbklpzbmkmhnerp3udjon 1x3 – Episode 3

Michael continues to use his power to obscure details of the accident as Jimmy Baxter and Gina plot their revenge. Things aren't adding up for Lt. Costello. Bad advice leads Kofi to make a bold move. Gina strikes a deal for son Carlo.

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8rwduobqjdgh2tzv5ciww3zmboo 1x4 – Episode 4

Tensions escalate as Adam moves from one dangerous liaison to another. Elizabeth steps in to protect her grandson. Family dinner at the Desiatos is plagued by secrets and lies.

8sybt28dj6kn0mxsnctbpgrqud6 1x5 – Episode 5

Michael attempts to return to business as usual until he discovers that someone is blackmailing him. Jimmy Baxter and Gina Baxter remain committed to avenging their son's death.

Fsqtu0w1tzisih8puud4mtdpayt 1x6 – Episode 6

Adam spends the day with a dangerous new love interest, while Michael searches for his blackmailer. Lee ramps up her involvement in Kofi's case.

Qltca9mw8wvmle8dtx6bskdhp4a 1x7 – Episode 7

Michael's solution to his blackmail problem unearths deeper troubles. Eugene finds family in Big Mo's crew. Adam's secret is threatened to be outed by a problematic relationship.

Wws8e2upfrbusyjoiqeydynbm5w 1x8 – Episode 8

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1x9 – Episode 9

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1x10 – Episode 10

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