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5v3cgow3zgzxrqk9dqosjdfx1xc 4x1 – Sechs Tequila

Während sich Bull darauf vorbereitet, Vater zu werden, muss das TAC-Team ohne seinen Top-Anwalt Benny auskommen. Dieser hat als Reaktion auf Bulls erneute romantische Annäherung an seine Ex-Frau – und Bennys Schwester – Isabella gekündigt.

Ojvpbg3hjy2xhppea0dlvkpsawd 4x2 – Tsunami in der Sahara

An entrepreneur is accused of defrauding investors in her seemingly groundbreaking water filtration company; Bull focuses on selecting jurors whose belief systems allow them to see his client as a dreamer who never meant criminal intent.

Q67ywl4hjxshjyx34ddiltxbgqy 4x3 – Siebzehn Jahre

Benny's previous career with the district attorney's office comes into focus when Chunk aims to get a new trial for a man he believes was wrongfully convicted of triple homicide by a prosecution team that included Benny.

9nah5e48yjdxm1hh0gvamsjz3gt 4x4 – Auf eigenen Füßen

Bull helps a famous social media influencer, Sadie Williams (Krys Marshall), take her father to court to overturn his legal guardianship over her empire, which he was granted after the young mogul suffered a public mental breakdown. To counteract any jury bias Sadie faces due to the public's perception of her mental illness, they aim to select jurors who believe in giving people second chances.

Pwuamgzcwj7csppgm9sdcjavvqz 4x5 – Aussage gegen Aussage

Taylor becomes personally involved in having Bull help a dancer bring a civil suit against a real estate mogul who assaulted her at a gentlemen's club when the district attorney's office refuses to pursue criminal charges.

Ngqfovvhzgvvhmkagsfpxrrgb3x 4x6 – Über Bord

A woman who has a reputation for aggressive behavior is on trial for her husband's murder, but she claims to have no memory of it due to an alcohol-induced blackout.

Biytcddhbfzjdolwgwdubg7nhnx 4x7 – Sturz ins Dunkel

Bull has a difficult time defending a client who has confessed to accidentally killing his sister's doctor after her death.

Lrs9amfbxoe0anfgjz0kpvvl04b 4x8 – Die leere Waffe

Bull mounts the defense of an old college friend, Eric Crawford (Sebatian Arcelus), who is charged with negligent homicide after Eric's youngest child kills his eldest with Eric�s handgun.

8tgvztlwjoswkqakdl3yxm4z6ag 4x9 – Zweite Chancen

Bull represents a large insurance company and its clients, married pizzeria owners who are being sued for negligence by a teenager who was injured while climbing their rooftop signage. As the trial gets underway, Bull realizes the case has no clear winners, as the small business owners could lose their livelihood, the plaintiff may never walk again and the insurance company refuses to settle.

9r4qgjhuv1ihuyubcdsrqmo4ylh 4x10 – Geschworene Nummer Neun

Bull and the team take a difficult pro bono murder case before the holidays and realize it will take a Christmas miracle to win; Marissa pushes for an office Christmas party; Taylor embarks on a new romance.

Pxbvnk4rgpax6h0bebuqhponzjc 4x11 – Die Dunkelkammer

Bull looks to select jurors who can empathize with an individual's need for personal privacy when he helps Marissa's friend sue a notable philanthropic businessman for abusing him as a child.

Mvswz9bjzpwsruhlg4gohvqe4iw 4x12 – Eine Frage des Gewichts

Chunk's friend, Reggie (Don Guillory), an elite boarding school's counselor, asks Bull to help the parents of an athletic scholarship student bring a wrongful death suit against the school after the teen dies suddenly while training.

Ovgkapwggilihbgsqwnz07j2bue 4x13 – Die Welt ist nicht farbenblind

A couple are sued by their baby's biological father for custody after a fertility clinic mix-up; since family court cases are solely decided by a judge, Bull and Benny think about the best strategy to use since they can't analyze a jury.

Nbxakrqjslbpefvw56nwt2fj3o3 4x14 – Das Herz in der Hand

Bull is hired by a doctor accused of bribing his way into college, just as Bull's ex-wife is due to give birth; as Bull waits for Izzy to go into labor, he contends with the trial's connection to a high-profile college admissions conspiracy case.

M3gnt68t30tzavoaicfycrba6ql 4x15 – Fleisch und Blut

Bull helps the murder defense of an old friend, Vivian Cahill (Anna Wood), an in-debt professional gambler accused of murdering her wealthy father to gain her inheritance. Knowing their client had a complicated past with her father, Bull and Benny enter into voir dire looking to select jurors who sympathize with dysfunctional family relationships.

D365lnbeviiwcdlmemajhqsgejd 4x16 – Jahre der Angst

Bull represents a woman who is guilty of kidnapping her niece twelve years ago to stop the girl's father from abusing her.

Ctwlctghr4pgngjpwt5tpgyed6j 4x17 – Der Tod kam mit der Post

Bull takes on the trial defense of Dr. Natalie Reznick (Brooke Bloom), an expert on anthrax, who is accused of orchestrating a series of anthrax attacks that terrorize the city. While the facts are against her, Bull sets out to prove the city was in such a rush to get the bacteria off the streets and calm the public's hysteria, they arrested the wrong person.

Cjzw4uci2ajrlpdjem5mf7bfva2 4x18 – Entgleist

Bull faces the unknown in court when TAC represents a train engineer with no memory.

Qf5wscsnwfacmcdd9srf2iw7izv 4x19 – Eine Frau mit Prinzipien

Bull represents an idealistic and flamboyant judge who is indicted for Obstruction of Justice for allowing a witness to avoid FBI agents who have arrived to arrest her, but her own outspokenness annoys the judge of her own case.

Ebjuysnp89zj3djmg3vzjwebgqe 4x20 – Fahrerflucht

Bull and the team help Taylor bring a civil suit against the woman who killed Taylor's friend in a hit-and-run when the driver evades criminal charges by claiming diplomatic immunity.

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