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Fngrbc49ybrf0wnz7jq8enoskeg 2x1 – Die Fremde im See

Toby helps a woman with amnesia regain her memory, which includes some unsavory corporate behaviours, but his actions draw the attention and suspicions of Sgt. Michelle McCluskey at the IIB.

1es2juhluazmdjkdldssquzfxph 2x2 – Im Kopf des Mörders

McCluskey recruits Toby on a case involving smuggled weapons, which takes a turn for the worse when an undercover operative winds up dead.

Qpp6ylf9bmpsawprkjrhy9xbywi 2x3 – Blut und Fahneneid

As a new confidential informant for the IIB, Toby investigates an assassination threat against a Conservative leadership front-runner who may have been involved in the mysterious disappearance of an army private in Afghanistan.

Aruir97jrsezcjtks8f5bamgozf 2x4 – Drei Brüder für einen Mord

Toby and Michelle investigate a suspicious homicide when a Russian Consul General is found dead and his son, protected by diplomatic immunity, confesses to his murder.

L1posbc6mj2kp5ysaurbdha4nzu 2x5 – Die schwarze Acht

Toby is brought in to investigate corrupt cops but finds himself in over his head when one of them ends up dead from a suspected drug overdose.

Ynbk1loo6uotb8nxbxc6utd21he 2x6 – Der Magier

When an imprisoned criminal mastermind holds the key to the whereabouts of a kidnapped judge, Sgt. Michelle McCluskey brings in Toby to read him, with unexpected results.

J46hfygkevb7nfgf58xlcrjcpkw 2x7 – Das Ass im Ärmel

The death of a CSIS agent and a breach of classified intelligence prompt Michelle to turn to her estranged husband and Toby to infiltrate a high-stakes poker game and uncover the missing puzzle pieces surrounding the mystery.

Hvavwl2preikk8ur4cu23p8yknc 2x8 – Botschaft aus dem Reich der Toten

A mysterious woman with an unexplained psychic gift may hold the key to helping Toby uncover the whereabouts of a wealthy businessman's kidnapped baby.

Sfkzdkxlpnfobbqtb2rgecmigfa 2x9 – Die Posaunen von Jericho

Toby goes undercover to help expose the identity of a hacker known as "Jericho-11" in a cyber crime investigation involving large-scale identity theft.

Pruxidmhaup2vlbci6wha4d4yuu 2x10 – Ein Schuss ins Knie

When Toby and Oz are dispatched to a call in the financial district, they're taken hostage by a couple posing as security guards who are carrying out a victim suffering from a gunshot wound.

Mz7vlscnxmc3dtjccg7kcqmnj5o 2x11 – Das letzte Abendmahl

Toby is brought in to authenticate the testimony of a star witness - a celebrated restaurant chef - in the trial of a mob boss charged with shooting his business partner.

5key9wkb7trbtabwuivrhiznxyd 2x12 – Kopf-Gewitter

Toby and the IIB investigate a national security breach when a sex tape featuring the Minister of Foreign Affairs goes viral.

Lfxpaafgstajrubzpyttddjswzq 2x13 – Tödliche Gedanken

Toby connects with a gifted young woman whose mental powers appear to rival or even surpass his own, and may be connected to a series of suspicious suicides linked to an old biker gang.

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