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Minmzn1exov44u5oyuznxrsp9je 4x1 – Zwischen Gestern und Morgen

While investigating a domestic terror case in Vancouver, Toby is taken hostage by militant activists with plans to blow up a bank.

2yz1o5m2teh5mc44jpmkr4tiifr 4x2 – Panzerbrecher

Toby and Michelle track a gang of robbers armed with lethal, high-powered bullets under the additional pressure of a demanding new police superintendent.

Qo83n0im7nozn1s1qxazcydfmjo 4x3 – Der Balkonsturz

Toby pushes for an investigation when his girlfriend Tia suspects her hospitalized colleague was targeted after writing a scathing exposé of an influential hotel owner.

P9f1qk2wbpd6poqmfficzwxhu3b 4x4 – Tiefgekühlt

After a body is found in a storage locker filled with stolen goods, Toby and Michelle seek a killer who may have also taken national defense secrets.

E0rwwj38n7lu8gx9zrw0eu62ien 4x5 – Bitte anschnallen

Toby's puts his life at risk when he goes undercover in pursuit of violent thieves posing as police officers.

Hia8putolmfphnd3w9sqokhozo5 4x6 – Nummer Vier

When the key witness in a mob murder trial is shot, Toby and Michelle contend with a suspicious FBI agent as they unravel a potential conspiracy linked to the original killing and retaliation.

W6cytmztnqbaym4vhc9cjgygyfg 4x7 – Familienkämpfe

After Toby witnesses the suspicious death of a promising, young mixed martial arts fighter, he probes the nefarious business dealings of two rival leagues.

4dgcscw3q7626nloxsi1ydhejpr 4x8 – Tod im Feuer

While investigating the murder of a mysterious tattooed woman, Toby suspects corporate espionage and blackmail are behind the killing.

Xfa03ljbvgm3wfwql8f8upxptax 4x9 – Der Kochbuch-Club

Toby and Michelle investigate the killing of a British spy whose dalliances on an adulterous dating site might have led to his murder.

Owfetoxhrqwoii7f8ausig7cazd 4x10 – Der beste Jahrgang

In an effort to snag an elusive human trafficker, Toby and Michelle team with a career con artist.

63ubuz1sphszunujdaajjeif2uo 4x11 – Das Haus des Schreckens

Toby and Michelle investigate the murder of an actor during the filming of an allegedly cursed horror movie.

Jkxev5azi4gwrizz0y8dw7eubdk 4x12 – Falsche Pässe

When Toby and Michelle go after a suspect in the murder of a Latin crime boss, interference from a police superintendent halts their case.

Onaqhy64tp6s5bxkqdz1proophh 4x13 – Die Operation

After shooting and killing a suspect, Toby struggles with PTSD as the IIB tries to stop an assassination.

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