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2stj5czwzi4ana5ba5ip3tv9nku 1x1 – Alles auf eine Karte

Two ships, brave captains and their crews, royal marines, all battle the elements and unknown adventure while remembering home and mission beginnings.

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9spzyj3dfynldiidd7yquwbxpyx 1x2 – Gefangen im Packeis

After a long winter trapped in the ice, scouting parties are sent out in search of open water. One of the teams makes a frightening discovery.

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Vcfsnlp4gllfvt3rj98iytnppz3 1x3 – Die Rache des Tuunbaq

With something stalking the ships, the expedition's commanders debate their dwindling options.

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5i9uynpebtmhcxqlzdsi9hxuyij 1x4 – Dreißig Peitschenhiebe

A series of cunning attacks on the ships proves to the men they are not battling an ordinary bear.

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1d8kqwns5hwgehul4zyhrlnuyyj 1x5 – Der erste Schuss muss sitzen

A strange illness begins to show itself while another more familiar one jeopardizes the expedition's most valuable resource - its captain's judgment.

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Xvgpqn8owpbkmmivirnqwu6j59q 1x6 – Mitgefühl und Gnadenakt

With the end of their provisions in sight, officers contemplate a tough, risky strategy while struggling to raise the men's worsening spirits.

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Ccgsnhxnet7iyolhdapheyxumks 1x7 – Der lange Marsch der dunklen Gedanken

As the men make new attempts to find rescue, a series of shocking events underscores how vulnerable and exposed their situation has become.

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Jyd4idpdobf30sce30nqa8bwnkf 1x8 – Das Kriegsgericht

Deaths under mysterious circumstances create paranoia among the men, and some of the crew may be considering mutiny.

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Xhuswtrivc0ermtdf8o8vp5dolu 1x9 – Nach Süden

Hope comes in strange forms, and the question of what the men are willing to do to survive begins to be settled in both noble and horrifying ways.

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Uq87rqeo1ksitsyfnix6fw8tbd2 1x10 – Tot und verloren

The expedition's epic journey reaches its climax as men find themselves in a final confrontation with the Inuit mythology they've trespassed into.

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