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5cvp5f3gkejahb0rbqyj52zfzh0 1x1 – Not Your Average Joe

Meet Joe Exotic, the gun-toting operator of an Oklahoma big cat park. He’s been accused of hiring someone to murder his chief rival, Carole Baskin.

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Orpskwqjme2eivxree3dgiekdi 1x2 – Cult of Personality

Subjected to long hours, little (or no) pay and the whims of eccentric bosses: are big cat park employees just cogs in a web of personality cults?

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S9eaykzrrbeewlvfaame4c9eq1b 1x3 – The Secret

An incident in Carole's past casts her in a suspicious light, and while she maintains her innocence, Joe is all too happy to point the finger at her.

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Wyf0oeuhfj5ktcdqqynytlayqbh 1x4 – Playing with Fire

Joe ramps up his efforts to become an internet and TV star, but a mysterious fire and lawsuit threaten his plans — until an angel investor appears.

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Cjigrzwendkguxihaml2pzgwz2d 1x5 – Make America Exotic Again

As Joe dives into politics, he deals with turmoil and tragedy in his personal life. Meanwhile, the dynamics at the park change with the new owners.

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Ztlljuvfmxsuroakgjxqazfcxfa 1x6 – The Noble Thing to Do

James Garretson makes a shocking claim about Joe, leading to FBI involvement. Desperation sets in for Joe, who thinks Jeff and James have set him up.

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7y5ijuokg0htlydqbrtesydbst1 1x7 – Dethroned

Joe faces the music in the courtroom but insists the story is far from over. Jeff’s business prospects crumble. Former G.W. Zoo workers try to move on.

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Dqcthgiuyzwdfthqls4fxpbobpw 1x8 – The Tiger King and I

In this aftershow, Joel McHale talks with Jeff, Saff, Erik and more to get their reactions to the series, their portrayals and their new fame

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