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1x1 – Episode 1

When horses begin to turn up missing, the county forms a vigilante committee. Rancher Matt Jessop has the bad luck to innocently hire two shady characters to work on his ranch. Will the two drag Matt and his family down with them?

1x2 – Episode 2

Ranchers have hired a gunfighter to run farmers off the land. He kills a man and then goes after the wife. The wife flees to a shack nearby. Soon she and the stranger in the shack are pinned down and try to find a way out.

1x3 – Episode 3

Sam Gracie returns to Texas from his law practice in Kansas. He is determined to bring an end to a feud involving his family to an end without the use of guns.

1x4 – Episode 4

There is drought in the land. One rancher has diverted water onto his land and is not of a mind to share with his neighbors.

1x5 – Episode 5

Dan Morgan accidentally kills a man and spends five years in jail. He returns to exact revenge against the judge who sent him up. The judge offers him a job which he refuses...until he meets the judges beautiful daughter.

1x6 – Episode 6

Three soldiers and a scout try to cope while a band of Apache warriors surround their strong hold and begin a death watch for the men.

1x7 – Episode 7

A Tucson-bound stagecoach stops for a half-hour rest at an isolated depot. The local sheriff is waiting to identify one of the travelers as a bank robber.

1x8 – Episode 8

The marshal of San Ardo is murdered. The town is concerned it may be a part of a plot to rob the bank. There is only one able bodied man in town to serve as marshal but he doesn't want to serve.

1x9 – Episode 9

Clint Harding is on a mission to kill his father when he falls in with a group of bandits. One of the bandits is an old man who tries to convince him that vengeance is not fruitful.

1x10 – Episode 10

An outlaw gunfighter is haunted by his past and is trying to find his life. He goes looking for his wife and finds she is married to another man. He is determined to get her back.

1x11 – Episode 11

Johnny Adler comes to town. He is fast with a gun and loves to be feared. He accepts an offer to kill the town sheriff, but first he wants to take care of an infection in his finger.

1x12 – Episode 12

Mason Ward, a former soldier, wants to leave the war behind and find new work. He is hired as the school teacher and finds one of his students obsessed with discovering gold in the area.

1x13 – Episode 13

Joel Todd is in a marriage for convenience to a younger woman. They are moving westward and receive a military escort through Indian country. A young Lieutenant openly shows his affection for the married woman.

1x14 – Episode 14

Cass Kendall is looking for the easy life. He is fast with a gun but not fastest. He moves to a town that doesn't allow guns. He immediately starts scheming to become top man in town.

1x15 – Episode 15

Jim Todd, a former sheriff, has committed his life to track down the four men who held up a bank and shot his wife. After finding three, he finds a man who resembles the fourth but is a respected citizen.

1x16 – Episode 16

The son of the most influential man in the territory goads a farmer into a gunfight. The son is killed. Can the farmer get justice in a town owned by ranchers.

1x17 – Episode 17

Clint Belmet stops a lynching. He wants to prove that Nevada is a place of law and order and worthy of statehood. But is it worth the cost?

1x18 – Episode 18

Kane Eldridge wants to own the whole valley. He brings in a gunman to scare the small ranchers off. The gunman thinks he knows one of the small ranchers - a man he used to ride with.

1x19 – Episode 19

A Union army captain is given orders to carry through Indian country. But can he be trusted with these critical orders seeing as he is from Virginia?

1x20 – Episode 20

A bounty hunter tracks a man to his home town. After he kills the man, he stops in to visit his wife. His wife tells him she can't live that type of life anymore and is leaving him. He says he can't change.

1x21 – Episode 21

A traveling book salesman happens upon a town, finds a man hanging, and then is ordered at gunpoint into a barn. A robber tells him to find the man who shot his brother or the whole town will die.

1x22 – Episode 22

Davey Harper is determined to goad Big Jim Morrison into a gunfight for killing his father 12 years earlier. Big Jim Morrison is determined not to pick up a gun.

1x23 – Episode 23

Andy Todd wants revenge for the man responsible for the death of his father. He joins up with a gang of 3 cattle thieves and leads a raid on the man's cattle to begin his revenge.

1x24 – Episode 24

A woman finds an injured fugitive in her barn. She soon finds that he has information about her husband who is overdue coming home from the war.

1x25 – Episode 25

Steve is the lone survivor of a disastrous armed robbery. He recovers from his injuries, but is told that because of the location of the bullet, he will be lucky to live six months. Realizing his time is short, he goes on a desperate bid to live life to the fullest and exact revenge on those who tried to kill him.

1x26 – Episode 26

JEFF Anderson comes home after a long absence because of the war to find his wife Barbara has been murdered. He begins to try and unravel the circumstances of her death and discovers Barbara was not as pure as he'd hoped.

1x27 – Episode 27

Hoby Gilman returns to Crawford, Texas after the war and finds the town is taken over by a former confederate colonel. Hoby is asked to stand up to the colonel but he has had enough of guns and violence.

1x28 – Episode 28

A man abruptly resigns his commission in the Confederate Army to spend time with his wife and endures disgrace at every turn.

1x29 – Episode 29

A man in the desert follows a dead man's horse in hopes it will lead him to water. Instead he finds a home where a young lady asks him to take her away with him.

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