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5x1 – Episode 1

Willie McKinley is down on his luck. The town people don't see him when he walks by. He kills a man trying to steal his horse, he becomes the biggest man in town.

5x2 – Episode 2

Mike Brenner is a wily bank robber. In an effort to lose a posse, he leads his cohorts into the desert.

5x3 – Episode 3

A young woman has nowhere to go to raise her son so she returns home to her father. Her reputation has preceded her and she wants to convince the town she has changed.

5x4 – Episode 4

Jonathan Dwyer is a large man. He is given the cruel nickname of "the ox." He moves to town and wants revenge against the man responsible for sending him to prison.

5x5 – Episode 5

Jim Braydon beats a man for cutting his fence to get to water. This puts him at odds with his wife who believes the country has changed him. She sets out to leave him when a wounded boy shows up at her door.

5x6 – Episode 6

Comanche Indians raid sheep-herders, killing all but sparing the life of a loner cowboy, that goes by the name Dundee. Who wonders what reason or fate they have planned, in keeping him alive.

5x7 – Episode 7

Charles Gatewood is determined to meet with Geronimo to convince him to surrender.

5x8 – Episode 8

A pioneer woman (Esther Williams) risks her life to aid a group of cholera victims.

5x9 – Episode 9

Jack Hoyt wants to marry Susan Pittman but her father - Dr. Pittman is determined not to let that happen.

5x10 – Episode 10

Matt Rowland is determined to prevent Mormons from entering into Joshua City after he hears there is cholera aboard the wagon train. His son Tod begins to question his father's motives after he meets a young lady from the train.

5x11 – Episode 11

Adam Mapes returns to town after serving a prison sentence and is set on revenge against the man who wronged him 20 years earlier.

5x12 – Episode 12

Laurie Pritchard is a farm girl engaged to a farm boy but the farm life isn't consistent with her dreams. Then she meets a man who might be able to make her dreams come true.

5x13 – Episode 13

Union Army Col. Blackburn commands a squad of mercenary soldiers whose current mission is to get vital papers through Confederate lines. There's an air of mutiny as the mercenaries complain about the dangerous duty.

5x14 – Episode 14

John Baylor is summoned to the home of a friend of his fathers. The man is dying and wishes to leave everything to one of his two daughters. John wants to find out why one daughter is excluded.

5x15 – Episode 15

Major Will Sinclair is delivering the possessions of a soldier that has died under his command. On his way someone tries to ambush him and his companion. When he arrives at the boy's house, he is not well received.

5x16 – Episode 16

Jess Whiting loved his wife and loved his life. Everything changed when an Indian showed up at his doorstep.

5x17 – Episode 17

Danny Thomas plays an ex-convict who vows to get revenge on the man who almost married his daughter (played by Marlo Thomas) - and helped to cause her death.

5x18 – Episode 18

A father is upset at his handicapped brother for putting wild ideas into his son's head. It goes from wild to dangerous when the boy believes, with help from his uncle, that he can fly.

5x19 – Episode 19

A confederate soldier and a union soldier are assigned to keep sentry on a mountain to monitor the movements of the other army. During a snow storm, they decide to share a mountain cabin.

5x20 – Episode 20

Albert Pierce is a traveling preacher. His long lost son catches up with him and is determined to make him pay for the death of his mother.

5x21 – Episode 21

Jesse Martin takes a job in the mines to supplement his farm income, but he meets someone who reminds him of the abuse he suffered in a civil war prisoner camp.

5x22 – Episode 22

Henry Jacob Hanley is a wanderer always seeking his next drink. He stumbles upon a fort and a supply of whiskey. There he meets a woman who is on a mission to help the confederacy.

5x23 – Episode 23

Nick Finn arrives in Heaven, Arizona - a town known for fair play and concern for neighbors. After his arrival, greed and selfishness soon follow.

5x24 – Episode 24

Cletis Madden is a gambler. His wife wants him to change his ways, buy a ranch and spend his life making something of the ranch. Cletis loves his wife but isn't sure he can change.

5x25 – Episode 25

The religious leader in a town called New Bethlehem, Arizona . has made sure there are no saloons or gambling halls. When something threatens to put it at risk, he proposes a hanging to preserve the community's pacifist values.

5x26 – Episode 26

Sheriff Jed Morgan is worried about his prisoner, Tom Bowdry, because the local gentry seems to be getting lynch fever. Morgan hires guide Branch Taylor to hustle Bowdry to the nearby town of Borrego.

5x27 – Episode 27

Jailed gunslinger Lee DuVal can win his freedom by making a deal with the governor of Texas, who offers him a chance to use his talents-against the bandits who are making things hot near the Louisiana state line.

5x28 – Episode 28

Chet Loring, Ellen Gaynor, and Billie Gaynor grew up together in the same house. Chet wants to marry Ellen but accidentally shoots and kills Billie. Now Ellen and Billie's father wants to hang Chet.

5x29 – Episode 29

Union Lt. Sam Kenyon informs the citizens of an isolated Rebel community that some rookie troops will be camping near there for a few days. For the sake of their own health, he offers the townspeople a warning: don't taunt the younger soldiers.

5x30 – Episode 30

Amy Schroeder is convicted of killing her husband and sentenced to die. Jericho comes to the condemned woman, supposedly about buying her land. Then he reveals himself-as an agent for the Attorney-General.

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