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4x1 – Episode 1

An army captain and corporal are captured and put through some interrogations in an attempt to solicit some key information.

4x2 – Episode 2

An Indian is skulking around a ranch house and kills the eldest son of the family living there. The mother is filled with hate and wants him dead. Soon the Indian returns.

4x3 – Episode 3

A sheriff is known as the best confession getter in the territory. A newspaper man aims to expose his unjust tactics.

4x4 – Episode 4

An outlaw returns home to see his brother. He finds that his brother is dead. His nephew has sold the ranch to pay debts and is about to set out on a life of getting rich fast.

4x5 – Episode 5

A man is shot while escaping from an army prison camp during the civil war. He happens upon a small farm house where there are two women alone.

4x6 – Episode 6

A young man named Branch Neely agrees to stand trial for a murder he didn't commit, as a way of winning the favor of a Mr. Lloyd Bannister, who has the most political and economic influence in town.

4x7 – Episode 7

At a frontier cavalry post, a newly arrived black trooper must earn the respect and trust of his fellow cavalrymen, most of whom are white and don't want a black in their outfit.

4x8 – Episode 8

Marshall Ben Clark cleaned up the town, but now he is going to far in his effort to suppress dissent. The townspeople decide he needs to leave town. He doesn't want to leave quietly.

4x9 – Episode 9

A wealthy rancher is blamed for missing funds at a bank.

4x10 – Episode 10

A Union law allows homes vacated by confederates to be sold at auction. A woman comes back to claim her home irregardless of the fact that it is lawfully occupied.

4x11 – Episode 11

Two soldiers are sent to spy out a Union army camp when they come upon a 12 year old boy who is helping to set up a telegraph system for the north.

4x12 – Episode 12

Jim Goad is summoned back home when his son falls in with a bad crowd Jim is determined to establish a relationship with him and set him on the right path.

4x13 – Episode 13

A U.S. Marshal is bringing a wanted man to Laredo when the man is killed by a sniper. In his dying words he tells the Marshal he is after John Wilkes Booth. The Marshal must find out if he is really alive.

4x14 – Episode 14

Jenny Breckenridge is unhappy with her life. She would much rather be back in the city, where she comes from. than out west with her husband, a lazy drunk. A good-looking young cowboy who stops by sparks her interest, but then the man announces that he has a plan--he's going to take Jenny as his own, and to show that he means business he shoots her husband.

4x15 – Episode 15

Two cattle ranching brothers decide to move a sheep herder out of the valley. However, the younger brother's sympathies start to turn.

4x16 – Episode 16

A young pregnant lady arrives in town looking for her husband. She soon learns he is dead and finds herself all alone in the town.

4x17 – Episode 17

Sal, the owner of the Rue Royale gambling house, is a hard-hearted young woman who seems to have a chip on her shoulder. One day, Jed Harper rides into town carrying a picture of a girl who looks very much like Sal.

4x18 – Episode 18

Ginger Rogers plays a land-hungry woman who hires a gunman to help her.

4x19 – Episode 19

Marshall Locke Gardner is an Indian agent who goes after an Indian boy missing from the reservation. He finds the boy shot and a dead cow nearby Locke seeks to mete out justice despite pressure from the Indians and local ranchers.

4x20 – Episode 20

Guns for Garibaldi aired Februrary 18, 1960 marking the 100th anniversary of the Unification of Italy 1860, and is among the only American shows that demonstrated the affairs of Italians in pre Civil War 19th century America. It takes place in a small Western gold mining town of Indian Creek. Giulio Mandati comes to Indian Creek to take over his brother's gold claim. The townspeople had hoped that the gold would be used to pay for a much needed dam. Giulio plans to use the riches to finance Garibaldi's Italian Reunification. General Giuseppe Garibaldi did ask for ...

4x21 – Episode 21

A young deputy is determined to enforce the law even when it means going up against one of the most powerful ranchers in the territory.

4x22 – Episode 22

Mike Bagley is a young man who is forced to marry a woman at gun point and then run off his farm. Years later he returns to claim what is his.

4x23 – Episode 23

Dave Cameron comes to town looking for a friend. He finds that his friend was hung after shooting a beloved man of the town. Dave knows his friend would never shoot a man in the back and sets out to clear his name.

4x24 – Episode 24

Marshal Bigger has a reputation for being soft on a town ruffian - Wade Migil. But when Wade kills a man, the sheriff is forced to go after him - but can he be trusted to do the right thing?

4x25 – Episode 25

Sundown Smith is enjoying a meal on the trail when he crosses paths with a murderer who takes his horse and forces him to change shoes. Now, the bloodhounds are after Sundown.

4x26 – Episode 26

A deputy on the trail of a bandit uses the outlaw's girlfriend as bait to capture him. However, before he realizes it a bond begins to form between him and the woman.

4x27 – Episode 27

Malachi West lives to see Sam Brady - the man responsible for the death of his son - dead. Then he learns Sam Brady is coming to town to set up a detective agency.

4x28 – Episode 28

In an effort to thwart thieving outlaws that rob their stagecoaches, the stage-line's main operators come up with a plan that is not only unorthodox but risky as well.

4x29 – Episode 29

When a lawless female and company stir up trouble . - Arizona territory Marshal Dave Harmon boards a stage coach bound for Yuma. Where he hopes to restore order and run her out or take her in, one way or another.

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