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3x1 – Episode 1

There is drought in the land and only one rancher has water and he will not share. He is killed and the prime suspect heads for Mexico. The sheriff won't follow but the man's wife will.

3x2 – Episode 2

A leading citizen is gunned down in broad daylight. The town and the man's girlfriend want quick justice. They begin to build a scaffold so it will look legal. The sheriff is determined to make sure the law is followed.

3x3 – Episode 3

A man down on his luck robs a bank. His wife convinces him to give it back, but two outlaws have other plans for the money.

3x4 – Episode 4

A man is found dead by his neighbor. A deputy with a grudge against the neighbor is determined to see the murder is pinned on him.

3x5 – Episode 5

A man comes to town claiming to be a legendary gunfighter - Frank McKinnon - only Frank McKinnon has been dead for 20 years. He learns there has been a robbery and murder and is soon blamed.

3x6 – Episode 6

A lawman carries out a hanging sentence on a man found guilty of murder. The man's sons promise revenge. The lawman's wife and deputy think he is too hard of a man. How will he treat the boys bent on killing him?

3x7 – Episode 7

Linc Hardaway would like to do something just once, better than his father, the town's most successful man. Then Hardaway Sr. is murdered and Linc is the prime suspect.

3x8 – Episode 8

Jess Matson is a wanted man who wants to visit his wife and son. But the law is on his trail and meeting his wife and son won't be easy.

3x9 – Episode 9

A thief comes to town to exact revenge for the death of his brother and is not deterred when he finds the sheriff who killed his brother is now blind.

3x10 – Episode 10

A man and his wife find two injured people on their land - an outlaw and a sheriff. The outlaw comes to and demands the sheriff be killed. The man convinces the outlaw he can deceive the sheriff into believing the outlaw is dead.

3x11 – Episode 11

A doctor learns that his step son is admiring a gunfighter. When the gunfighter is wounded, a series of dilemmas are faced by the doctor.

3x12 – Episode 12

A man agrees to serve in the military in place of a wealthy man's son. He threatens to expose the deal when he is not given everything he was promised.

3x13 – Episode 13

A wealthy rancher is trying to monopolize the cattle drives leaving Texas. Small ranchers are trying to put their own drive together. The wealthy rancher hires a man's wayward son to sabotage the effort.

3x14 – Episode 14

The town blacksmith is about to become the new sheriff when a stranger kills a man shooting at the blacksmith's son. He soon learns his first job as sheriff is to go after the man who saved his son's life.

3x15 – Episode 15

Regan Moore's husband believes people can turn their lives around but constantly reminds them of their past. She wants to get away from him. Dix Porter is hired to work the ranch. Regan thinks he may be her way out.

3x16 – Episode 16

A man returns home after the war and finds he is unwelcome because he fought against the south.

3x17 – Episode 17

Andy McCall comes across a teenage boy wandering through the country. The boy, Peter Owens tells of being thrown by a horse, and his father is Tim Owens, the biggest banker in Chicago. Back at camp Charlie the cook who's been crippled by an accident is bitter he can never partner Andy like they'd always dreamed. The cattle drive continues and Peter starts to adapt to camp life, first as a cook's helper and then as one of the riders. Charlie tells the boy he will stake him a ticket for the stagecoach when they get close to a nearby town. Arriving at Redcliff Charlie ...

3x18 – Episode 18

Sam Carter is the only Reb in town. He is ill-treated by the town. He decides to plan a holdup at the bank where he is teller. The sheriff believes the robber is a Reb and believes Sam is his partner.

3x19 – Episode 19

An immigrant and his son find opposition when they open up a tailor shop in a new town.

3x20 – Episode 20

Frank Gillette returns home after serving a prison sentence. He wants to start afresh but finds himself being used in a plot to gain control of the town.

3x21 – Episode 21

A man searches for the man who stole his gold his woman and her son.

3x22 – Episode 22

Johnny Ringo is hired to clean up a corrupt town. Pilot for the TV series "Johnny Ringo".

3x23 – Episode 23

Sam Walston, a town leader, sets out to bring justice to a small town after a murder. A suspect suddenly leaves town and the people don't want to wait for a trial. What Walston doesn't know is that his own wife is the suspect's alibi.

3x24 – Episode 24

Dave Blasingame is a drifter who is asked to come visit a friend and see his new gun. When he arrives the friend has been killed and the gun is gone and he wants to find out why. Pilot for TV series "The Westerner".

3x25 – Episode 25

A man is visited by soldiers searching for his estranged son who deserted from the army. Soon he is reunited with his son.

3x26 – Episode 26

Johnny Sunrise is training his son to avenge the injury to his hand which was caused by Sam Duskin. Then Sam Duskin, Jr. comes to town and the sons agree to avoid a fight. But can they?

3x27 – Episode 27

A bank is robbed and it starts to look like the teller was involved, however, Ward Pendleton, a detective, happens to be in town and starts investigating.

3x28 – Episode 28

Gar Durand is an ex-soldier who left the army in disgrace. He bounces from town to town until some federal officials provide him an opportunity to clear his record.

3x29 – Episode 29

John Welker's new bride is killed by bank robbers. John goes undercover to try and infiltrate the gang.

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