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11x1 – Fake News

Murphy returns on air with her new liberally progressive cable news morning show to fight for honest reporting and stand against Trump and fake news. Her old colleagues join her, but her son Avery joins the rival, pro-Trump, Wolf Network.

11x2 – I (Don't) Heart Huckabee

Murphy devises a plan to sneak into a White House briefing and take on Donald Trump's Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders; Phyllis hires a nice college student to help out at the bar, but he turns out to be an illegal immigrant.

11x3 – #MurphyToo

After enduring a boring workplace workshop on sexual harassment, Murphy Brown remembers a time when she was in college and her professor tried to take advantage of her. She confides in Bartender Phyllis who unwittingly gives useful advice.

11x4 – Three Shirts to the Wind

Murphy and the team weigh the pros and cons of accepting the offer to have the first interview with a headline-grabbing former White House senior advisor (David Costabile) who wants to promote his divisive book and agenda on 'Murphy in the Morning.' Also, Avery moderates a lively political discussion on his show with locals in Buffalo, N.Y.

11x5 – The Girl Who Cried About Wolf

Murphy goes head to head with Frank over his new girlfriend from the Wolf Network, fearing that he might leak to her their exclusive about a pharmaceutical company whistleblower exposing those responsible for America's opioid crisis.

11x6 – Results May Vary

It's the high stakes 2018 midterm Election Day, so the crew readies for a marathon on-air session as they await the results. When the winner becomes unclear, everyone starts losing their cool, and Murphy sends out a grim warning.

11x7 – A Lifetime of Achievement

The entire crew, plus Phyllis and Murphy's son Avery, attends a gala where Katie Couric wears a dress identical to Corky's, trades zingers with her, and then presents Jim Dial with a lifetime achievement award. Murphy's most inept assistant is now CNC's largest shareholder. Miles makes a fashion faux pas. Pat reconciles with his ex-boyfriend. And Jim's acceptance speech is heartfelt.

11x8 – The Coma and the Oxford Comma

Corky's friend Holly has been in a 10-year coma due to an accident, or was it her husband's murder attempt? The gang takes turns maintaining a vigil at her hospital bedside waiting to get an exclusive on her awakening and to find out what really happened that fateful night. Avery is upset when the Wolf network gives his new promo a beefcake spin.

11x9 – Thanksgiving and Taking

Murphy's reluctant Thanksgiving dinner guests fear the worst.

11x10 – Beat the Press

When Frank is physically attacked while covering a political rally, Murphy becomes afraid to dispute the opposing viewpoint of a guest on her show.

11x11 – The Wheels on the Dog Go Round and Round

Corky guilts Murphy into adopting a dog; Avery's show is moved to a better time slot; Phyllis and Miguel get a surprise visit from an intimidating health inspector.

11x12 – AWOL

A disillusioned Avery seeks career inspiration from his extended family at "Murphy in the Morning"; the team tries to salvage a major story that hinges on a source in the Middle East who has gone silent.

11x13 – Happy New Year

The gang tries to distract Murphy from worrying about Avery's assignment in Kabul by getting her to attend the special 100th anniversary New Year's Eve celebration at Phil's Bar.

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