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5x1 – Ein Baby macht noch keine Mutter

Murphy is adjusting to motherhood, interviewing Nannies, trying to decide on a name for the baby and trying to get a good night sleep.

5x2 – Eine Gegendarstellung

Dan Quayle publicly attacks Murphy Brown for glamorizing single motherhood.

5x3 – Die Arbeitswelt hat sie wieder

Murphy is back from having her baby, but her obsession with over protecting her baby, is causing problems where ever she goes and driving her co-workers crazy.

5x4 – Der neue Chef

The FYI staff are concerned about their futures when they learn their boss, Eugene Kinsella, is being replaced. Murphy's co-workers look to her to resist the changes Mitchell Baldwin proposes but are surprised at her attitude.

5x5 – Ein Lied für meinen Mann

Jim Dial's wife Doris is dissatisfied with her life and an offhand remark by Murphy leads Doris to try to become a cabaret singer. Jim struggles to understand her change in behavior.

5x6 – Eine lange Nacht

Murphy and Frank anchor an overnight news show with Frank hoping to make a good impression to advance his career. What happens during the program might have the opposite effect.

5x7 – Es ist Wahltag!

An election year has the gang reminiscing about the first time they voted. Corky recalls wanting to elect the first woman vice-president while Murphy's memory involves handcuffs.

5x8 – Auf nach Paris!

Murphy needs to fly overseas for a story but after Avery gets an earache she must make a choice about going. Using Eldin as a sounding board, she debates her future as a mother and a news person.

5x9 – Aussprache in der Zelle

Miles is caught in a lie when his friends find out his parents aren't dry cleaners but political activists. When they arrive in Washington for a demonstration, Miles is embarrassed and frantically works to keep them out of trouble.

5x10 – Die Preisverleihung

The show and staff of FYI is being honored with a banquet in New York. When it comes time to choose past footage everyone starts to lobby Miles to favor their own stories.

5x11 – Ein Tagebuch ist Zeuge

Corky's life is in turmoil due to lack of intimacy in her marriage and that her husband Will is being sued for plagiarism. Things look bleak until Murphy learns Corky kept a journal which could clear Will but has embarrassing details about everyone.

5x12 – Ein Weihnachtsfest mit Tradition

Murphy is looking forward to her first Christmas as a mother, and intends to do every tradition. But the arrival of her father and her Aunt Brooke turns Murphy into a referee as they resume their years-long feuding.

5x13 – Über mütterlichen Ehrgeiz

After observing Murphy interact with Avery, Eldin invites some other new mothers over, hoping she might learn something. Murphy is unimpressed and ends up trying to turn the gathering into competition.

5x14 – Der Nebenbuhler

Miles and Audrey are happy after moving in together when her attractive ex-boyfriend Colin shows up from England. He ends up staying with them making Miles uncomfortable, then refuses to leave.

5x15 – Der Präsident lässt bitten

With a new presidential administration beginning, Murphy's reputation is forgotten and she receives an invitation to the inaugural ball. Her new difficulty is finding a date.

5x16 – Ein grauer Panther

FYI has a new intern and to everyone's surprise Amy Shoemaker has memories that go back to the 1920's. Everyone treats her with kid gloves and do things typically done by the intern, leading to some near disasters.

5x17 – Die Trauergemeinde

Jim Dial and his wife Doris are devastated when their beloved terrier Trickster dies. The rest of the staff are sympathetic to Jim's grief except Murphy who remains cynical until her part in the dog's wake.

5x18 – Babysitting im Studio

Eldin is sick and has to forego his babysitting duties. Murphy takes Avery to work with her and everyone takes turns watching the baby, sharing their secrets before the show starts.

5x19 – Vom Neid überrollt

Frank is excited to be a guest on the Letterman show but makes the mistake of asking Murphy to wait backstage with him. She ends up sabotaging the other guests and endangering Frank's appearance.

5x20 – Der Kaufrausch bricht aus

Murphy irritates her co-workers by needing to grocery shop on carpool day. Things turn chaotic as Frank hits on a woman, Jim takes over sandwich making and Corky discovers her ex is dating from a magazine cover.

5x21 – Zwei, die sich finden

Murphy and the rest of the FYI staff are still struggling to adapt to their new boss Mitchell Baldwin and his ideas. As Murphy schemes to get her way, she and Mitchell are locked in together for a night forcing them to learn more about each other.

5x22 – Bleib so, wie Du bist!

Without Murphy to hang out with Frank is feeling adrift and resists being labeled a confirmed bachelor by Corky. Within a week he makes such radical changes to his life that his friends are concerned.

5x23 – Die Eier und ich

When Murphy learns her competitors will interview the new president first, her competitive nature kicks in. Using her son Avery as a cover, she goes to the White House Easter Egg to ambush the president with questions.

5x24 – Poker an Bord

Phil hosts an after hours poker game at his bar for the FYI gang and Murphy's competitive nature leads to contention. The betting limit is removed and the stakes get dangerously high.

5x25 – Sein erster Geburtstag

Murphy plans a memorable cowboy-themed party for Avery's first birthday, but then overschedules herself with a trip to NYC on the same day. A surprise song from a well-known singer makes it all worth it.

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