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4x1 – Positives Resultat

Murphy tells her friends at FYI that she's pregnant and that she is having doubts about having the baby and what kind of mother she would be.

4x2 – Der Entschluß

Murphy tells her friends at FYI that she's pregnant and that she is having doubts about having the baby and what kind of mother she would be.

4x3 – In guter Hoffnung

Murphy, desperate to show that her pregnancy is not going to change her ability to do her job well, goes after the President for a quote.

4x4 – Die Männerbewegung

Frank, Jim and Miles attend a new men organisation work shop to get in touch with their feelings.

4x5 – Neu entfachtes Feuer

Murphy hires Audrey as her secretary which leads to Miles breaking up with her. Things get worse when Frank then becomes interested in Audrey.

4x6 – Kindheitserinnerungen

Murphy's mother Avery dies, and her father Bill arrives to help her deal with things. While reminiscing, they discover unpleasant truths.

4x7 – Exclusivrechte

The FYI gang goes out of their way to charm a family of out-of-towners who caught a cheating senator on tape.

4x8 – Altbewährte Methoden

Murphy gets an idea of her future as a mother when the daughter of some friends stays with her, but she starts to worry about her ability to parent a teenager.

4x9 – Das langersehnte Interview

Murphy lands an interview with her idol, the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin. When Aretha's train is delayed and she can't get to the studio on time for the live broadcast, the FYI gang is left stretching their way out of the one hour long program to fill in the dead air time.

4x10 – Dank dem Ultraschall

Jim escorts Murphy to the gynecologist, and they both get to see the baby for the first time. Murphy is surprised when she learns she's expecting a boy, after being so sure the baby would be a girl.

4x11 – Hilfreich und gut

Murphy and the gang volunteers at à homeless shelter for Thanksgiving.

4x12 – Preis hin, Preis her!

After many years of losing, Frank finally wins an award, but becomes annoying talking about it. His co-workers decide he needs to be taught a lesson.

4x13 – Seitensprung gefällig?

Murphy and the rest of FYI staff reluctantly attend a sponsor event. Corky and Miller start bonding over shared experiences, leaving her conflicted over her troubled marriage.

4x14 – Krieg im Studio

The sudden death, at the network, of the Sunday night news anchor makes Jim and Murphy compete for the new job opening.

4x15 – Es geschah im Weißen Haus

Corky receives an invite to the White House and Murphy flatters her so she can go along. Once there Murphy goes snooping despite Corky's protests.

4x16 – Eine perfekte Beziehung

Jerry Gold moves in with Murphy after she is diagnosed with preterm labor, and forces to rest at home for two weeks.

4x17 – Grausame Diagnose

Stress overcomes Miles at his 30th birthday celebration.

4x18 – Die Senatoren lassen bitten!

Murphy is subpoenaed by the Senate to testify at a hearing, demanding the name of her source that leaked a report her way, which led to a story on FYI.

4x19 – In würziger Landluft

Murphy thinks a place in the country will help her relax and she brings the entire gang along to check out a farm she's thinking of buying. While Murphy tries to convince her friends how charming things are, everyone else is just bored.

4x20 – Kommt und lasst uns „outen“

Rick is an attractive gay man doing some temporary advertising work for FYI, and Miles becomes concerned when he has a dream about him. He attempts to discover why it happened.

4x21 – Die Frisur ist ein Flop

Murphy cuts her hair short despite an appearance clause in her contract. When viewer response ignores her reporting, she becomes upset over the focus on superficialities.

4x22 – Phil und Partner

Murphy offers money to Phil who's in financial trouble. But Murphy soon drives Phil crazy with unwelcome suggestions.

4x23 – Wer steht mir bei?

Murphy decides to take a Lamaze birth class and asks Eldon to be her coach. Once there she manages to alienate the instructor and her classmates but luckily Eldon pays attention.

4x24 – Bekanntes Problem

Hillary, a new anchorwoman, replaces Murphy, but Hillary has a secret problem and it's getting out of control.

4x25 – Die Baby-Geschenk-Party!

Murphy is feeling even crankier at the end of her pregnancy and isn't happy that Corky is throwing her a baby shower. But she changes her mind when she realizes she will be getting terrific gifts from her peers that work in national news.

4x26 – Murphy, es ist soweit!

Murphy finally gives birth and all of her friends are trying to help the best they can.

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