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6x1 – Wie sich die Dinge ändern

Murphy asks Miles to cut back her hours and assignments, but then takes a dislike to Peter Hunt, the reporter hired to fill in. She fuels the outrage by the other correspondents, to the annoyance of Miles.

6x2 – Wie war das damals?

Nick Brody, a counter culture hero of Murphys from the 60's, returns to the limelight to promote a book. During an interview she discovers he has changed to a conservative, leaving her questioning her belief system.

6x3 – Ein Mann für alle Fälle

Murphy needs a date for a function and asks Mitchell to be her guest. But they start seeing each other in a serious way, getting some diverse reactions because of the race issue. They start wondering if they have a future.

6x4 – Jeder beleidigt jeden

A little bantering on FYI offends various groups by what they considered insensitive remarks. To become aware of what's considered deragotory everyone attends a seminar then hold a live forum where things get out of hand.

6x5 – Sprung mit dem Fallschirm

Corky is upset that she is turning thirty and her friends try to cheer her up by throwing her a last minute party. But their efforts are disastrous so Peter steps in to take Corky on a not to be forgotten adventure.

6x6 – Verfluchte Tickets

Murphy and Peter are in competition for the same stories, stressing Miles with their arguing. A pair of tickets to the Redskins football game seem to bring bad luck to whoever currently has them.

6x7 – Weisung von oben

A professional madam might be about to name clients and all the news shows are chasing the story, including FYI. Murphy is reluctant to be involved but Miles insists and goes with her on a stakeout. They start to question their tactics but then Murphy takes it to a new level.

6x8 – Druckreif

After a noted writer asks to write Murphy's biography, she is indecisive about granting permission. She begins to imagine the things her colleagues and interviewees will say about her.

6x9 – Die geteilte Auszeichnung

It's Humboldt Award time again with Murphy, Peter, and Frank all in competition. Murphy becomes jealous when Peter asks Corky to be his date.

6x10 – Glauben heißt nicht wissen

Murphy struggles with how to explain death to Avery. She quizzes Corky, Miles, Jim, and Frank on their life philosophies to come up with an answer that she finds comforting.

6x11 – Das süße Image

When the popularity ratings for the FYI staff come out Miles becomes worried about Murphy's negatives. Murphy is booked on the most popular children show to turn things around but an unfortunate fight with puppets fails to accomplish that.

6x12 – Das Sexmonster

Miles is featured in a magazine as a successful single man but is misquoted and is portrayed as sexist. He becomes frazzled particularly when he introduces Murphy at a woman's political event.

6x13 – Die Katze des Präsidenten

Murphy gets invited to the White House by the Clintons. Once she gets back to the office, she finds out she has a furry stowaway.

6x14 – Das Scheusal

Obnoxious radio host Marty Crane has singled out Murphy for derisive commentsfor which she has little recourse. When Marty submits the winning bid for a charity dinner date with Murphy, she doesn't know what to expect.

6x15 – Noch eine Beziehungskiste

Peter is shot while covering a story in Sarajevo and returns stateside. Murphy and Peter confront their feelings and despite the difficulties of their professions, decide to begin a relationship.

6x16 – Kunstduell

Murphy disparages modern art while reporting and is attacked by art critics. After defending her views on a PBS roundtable, she sneaks one of Avery's drawings into an art show to prove a point.

6x17 – Die Pianobar

The FYI gang are comparing finances and investments when Jim reveals he is owner of a bar that is making money. Remodeled to resemble one he liked in his youth, Jim is uncomfortable with the fact it has a gay clientele.

6x18 – Olympisches Fiasko

The FYI staff head to Norway, looking forward to covering the Winter Olympics. The situation abruptly changes after Murphy interviews the star Norwegian skater and she quits competition.

6x19 – Rachegelüste

Murphy's automobile is stolen from her driveway and she joins a neighborhood watch group. Unfortunately the tactics of the participants and her FYI colleagues concern her as much as the actual crimes.

6x20 – Schmutziges Geheimnis

Miles decides to bring back original anchor Stuart for the 17th anniversary show, unaware that Murphy, Frank and Jim had him fired. Once Stuart arrives, his annoying habits resurface, leading Murphy to make a startling on-air announcement.

6x21 – Ende einer Therapie

Frank is told by his psychologist that after 17 years of therapy, he no longer needs treatment. He then erroneously informs Murphy that she is responsible for his problems, leading her to confront Frank's therapist.

6x22 – Peinlich, Peinlich!

Murphy insists on taking Miles shopping when the sameness of his wardrobe is the topic of a staff meeting. After barging into his dressing area, she sees more of her boss than anticipated. The jokes begin after they return to work.

6x23 – Lust auf Lust

Peter returns stateside and reconnects with Murphy, who wants to keep their relationship secret from her co-workers. They discuss all the reasons why they won't work as a couple.

6x24 – Wie werde ich kein Filmstar?

Murphy accepts a part in a Louis Malle film and Frank desperately tries to get himself included. Stan Lansing, a top network network executive, tells them they can't appear in movies contractually and Murphy must extricate herself from the situation.

6x25 – Zukunftspläne

Murphy receives an offer to leave FYI, creating conflict with her co-anchors. As they prepare for an anniversary party their friendships seem fragile and Murphy imagines a future where they have all moved on.

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