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9nbpbwwlzc4loauroyrmuirh5bq 1x0 – Die Heimkehr - Eine Weihnachtsgeschichte

On Christmas Eve 1933, the Waltons prepare for the holiday. However, John Walton, who was forced to take work in another part of the state, has not returned home yet, and his family are becoming increasingly worried.

Foikwinygmkfeh7bu1pgrr2ysfx 1x1 – Das Findelkind

The family takes in a deaf girl who was abandoned by her mother.

Hdiwde9fq54i5oemljcbwjkpabs 1x2 – Der Wanderzirkus

Four carnival performers are stranded after the carnival leaves Walton's Mountain, so they stay with the Waltons while they try to get back home.

W1dhswjj2yyhvgcqiillscumgc6 1x3 – Das Kälbchen

The children are upset when their father sells a newborn calf to another farmer who intends to slaughter it for beef.

1bdyrbau8unqvxpju9yfta8dakb 1x4 – John-Boys erste Jagd

John-Boy goes on his first turkey hunt with his father and two of his friends.

Hlw3aaw3ciwgcesnh1k6dm644ir 1x5 – Die Schreibmaschine

John-Boy secretly borrows a typewriter from the Baldwin sisters, and Mary Ellen inadvertently gives it to a junk dealer.

Uf3ojkpf9yz3jgpjv5g20yuinz4 1x6 – Es steht in den Sternen

When a meteorite falls through the Baldwin sisters' roof, it has strange effects on the people of Walton's Mountain; the sisters are convinced by their cousin Polonius that the star is a sign from their father saying that they should stop making "the recipe", while Grandpa believes he is going to die soon.

Jcefcld59yfeoer295s67vxlbcu 1x7 – Junge Prediger

Reverend Mathew Fordwick arrives in Walton's Mountain, but his credibility is tarnished even before his first service after drinking "the recipe" at an afternoon with the Baldwin sisters.

9fg5xiqiivis3e5g1nnlubmxujc 1x8 – Der Ausreißer

A cynical New York teenager ends up staying on Walton's Mountain.

3wivqsi4qhqksaeski4pfxtisyk 1x9 – Eintritt ins Mannesalter

A family of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany move to Walton's Mountain, where they try to hide their Judaism for fears of antisemitism.

I03sgehkxmrtej0tloxvyubkavo 1x10 – Mein Freund Tip

For years John has thrilled his family with tales of his old Army buddy "Tip". Now Tip has come to Walton's Mountain for a visit. Is the children's hero all he's cracked up to be?

Gt3g7pnrf4win7xbbno6icel19s 1x11 – Der Schriftsteller

A writer comes to Walton's Mountain and impresses John-Boy with his tales of literary connections and accomplishments.

Tdjriexyqhp7patk3rvq76rnh8s 1x12 – Die Verwandten aus Kansas

Cousins from Kansas come to visit while they await news of possible employment in Newport News.

G8iqw7hsm8jgywplfdmo7u2t7ph 1x13 – Der große Familientag

The Baldwin sisters' cousin Homer Lee Baldwin visits them, and inspires the sisters to organize a family reunion.

K2mlvegwvtnklka4cf2p7o9zrev 1x14 – Mary Ellen und der fahrende Sänger

The Waltons have a contract to pick an apple orchard, but Mary Ellen shirks it to listen to a traveling musician who convinces her that her dreams are more important than her responsibilities.

2brlgsafz8jczha8utg0utwva02 1x15 – Die Schauspielerin

Alvira Drummond, a glamorous actress of the stage and screen, is stranded on Walton's Mountain by her chauffeur whom she claims has stolen all of her money and her belongings.

Ncyxgcuyfhqype7mkr7jqgl4ke0 1x16 – Das Feuer

Miss Hunter is threatened by Lutie Bascomb for teaching the origins of the human race, accusing her of filling his daughter Lois Mae's head with "blasphemy" and "atheism".

3s2spz2lpt6p9fgsx7euzlhf7b8 1x17 – Die Begegnung mit Jenny

John-Boy falls in love with Jenny Pendleton, a young girl staying with the family while her father and stepmother are in Richmond.

K7wjykpiebuuu8zhebiqtgthfvw 1x18 – Onkel Codys Werbung

The family sets up their cousin Cody, a 64-year-old bachelor, on a date with Cordelia Hunnicutt, who has been married four times.

9s77bzcjc4zmwn5otqzngvvad5f 1x19 – Von Fremden zu Freunden

A band of traveling Gypsies face prejudice from some of the townspeople.

Odnlt1h9dfygylj5wz72xngpm2o 1x20 – John-Boy und die große Stadt

The validity of the Waltons' claim to their land is questioned when they cannot produce a legal deed to the property. To sort out their legal troubles they must raise $200 and John-boy assists by taking a job in the city of Wheeling.

Fpukncpkyjkmyliuuwgwvogepwn 1x21 – Die Schülerin

When Verdie Grant learns her daughter is graduating from college, she feels embarrassed by the fact that she never learned to read or write. She asks John-Boy to teach her, on the condition that he keeps it a secret.

Ipuplwqcqt7kzd8wo9lb01myqtd 1x22 – Das Fahrrad

John-Boy's meddling in a long-distance romance backfires.

7jrecccjo5picakmdnyugywxs18 1x23 – Ein feiner Herr

John-Boy refuses to take friendship with a neighbor's sheltered daughter to the next level.

Ijmsqkbuwlq7u5rursihj8d69hx 1x24 – Eine Ostergeschichte - Teil 1

When Olivia is stricken with polio, John-Boy refuses to accept the doctor's prognosis that she may never walk again.

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